Buy cucumber, choose what shape is delicious?

Curved or straight shape is one of the factors that determine if a cucumber is delicious and worth buying.


Cucumber is one of the cool, delicious, healthy vegetables. Watermelon is rich in vitamin C, which has a cooling effect on the body and beautifies the skin. In addition, cucumbers also contain high levels of potassium, which is a substance that helps regulate and stabilize blood pressure.

Cucumbers can be eaten directly, made salads, fried, decorated dishes, pickled … each way of eating has its own attractive flavor. When shopping for cucumbers, we often see two basic shapes: curved and straight. Many people just like the straight cucumber because it's easy to peel, easy to prepare, and looks good on the eyes. Some people choose curved fruits because they think that these new fruits are delicious and crispy.

So which way is the right choice, let's refer to how to choose delicious cucumbers of melon growers below:

1. Look at the color of the cucumber

First of all, let's see the color of the cucumber. Normal fresh cucumbers are dark green and very glossy, because cucumbers grown in a place with enough natural sunlight have a darker color.

For cucumbers that are sprayed with stimulants or grown in a place with a lack of sunlight or weak sunlight, they will have a lighter color, it is best not to buy. As for cucumbers that are slightly yellow in color and have a dull surface, this indicates that they are too old or have been stored for a long time, so avoid buying these.

Therefore, when buying cucumbers, we should choose the ones with a darker green color.

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2. Look at the shape of the fruit

As mentioned above, when buying cucumbers, many people like straight fruit because it is beautiful, easier to prepare. However, the farmer said, it is possible that these melons have been artificially manipulated, such as stimulant injections. The shape of a cucumber that grows naturally is affected by many factors such as light, rain, soil, fertilizer, etc., so it is impossible for all cucumbers to be straight. Of course, cucumbers that are too crooked should not be bought. Such fruits are abnormally grown, being stunted will certainly taste less delicious.

Therefore, when buying cucumbers, you should only choose those that are slightly curved, both ends and the body of the fruit are the same. Also, do not choose the big head, small head, not good to eat.

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3. Look at the flower at the center of the fruit

Many cucumbers still have a small yellow flower at the navel. Some people think that this cucumber with flowers is a fresh fruit, in fact this statement is wrong. Natural ripe cucumbers must be transported a certain distance after picking, and the small yellow flowers at the navel will soon wilt or even fall off naturally.

For cucumbers that have been injected with stimulants or preserved plants, this small yellow flower is especially fresh and bright, stored for many days will not fall off, it is best not to buy such cucumbers.

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4. Look at the spines on the skin of the cucumber

On the surface of the cucumber there are many small thorns / thorns, when buying cucumbers, you must touch these spines with your hands. Normally, fresh cucumbers have thick spines that will break when touched.

If the cucumber is sprayed with stimulant, these edges will be thin and sharp, especially easy to be stabbed into the hand without breaking. Such cucumbers are best not to buy.

In case the cucumber is smooth to the touch, the thorns have fallen off, indicating that it has been picked for a long time, not fresh, so avoid buying it.

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– Cucumber stomach, salt, dried chili, pepper, cumin seeds


– Cucumbers are washed, drained overnight, left in a ventilated place, the next day can be processed.

– Prepare 1 clean glass jar, boil with boiling water to sterilize, then drain. Then, put the cucumber neatly in the jar, add 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, 2 teaspoons of pepper (2 grams), 2 dried chili peppers. Two tablespoons of salt (15 grams), and finally pour in cooled boiled water or purified water. The amount of water is enough to sink the cucumber.

– Close the lid of the jar, shake the jar well to distribute the seasoning evenly, then, put the jar of pickled cucumber in a cool place, at room temperature about 25 degrees Celsius, after only 7 days the cucumber can be eaten. If the weather is hot, you will be able to eat faster.

Pickled and sour cucumbers, crunchy, spicy, fragrant with a faint smell of dill, are very attractive.

Pickled cucumbers are used to eat with rice, make salads, eat with bread, sticky rice… or with many of your favorite dishes! Make your own pickled cucumbers that are both delicious, safe, and without preservatives!

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– 2 cucumbers

– 1 chili

– 1 bulb of garlic

– 30ml rice vinegar

– 1 teaspoon sugar

– 1 teaspoon fish sauce

– 1 pinch of cornstarch

– 60ml of water


– Cucumbers are washed and soaked in salt water for 15 minutes, then rinsed under running water.

– Cut off the ends of the melons and then scrape them into thin slices. Peel and mince garlic, minced chili.

– You take each slice of melon, roll it into a circle, and place it on a plate so it's beautiful.

– Put fish sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, 60ml water, a little cornstarch, garlic and minced chili into the pot and stir well to dissolve. Turn on the stove to boil the fish sauce mixture, then turn off the stove, let it cool before using, so we get a slightly viscous fish sauce mixture.

– When the fish sauce mixture has cooled, sprinkle it evenly on the cucumber plate, so the cucumber salad is complete. In just a few simple steps, you have a delicious, crispy, sweet and sour cucumber salad to enjoy!

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