Buy delicious onions, remember these 3 things to make sure they are chemical-free

With these secrets of selecting potatoes below, housewives can easily choose the delicious ones they desire.


Observing the shape of onions

One of the small tips that helps you choose good onions is to check the exterior of the onion. When you look at a basket of onions, you will easily notice that onions have different shapes. At this point, you should remember to choose only the round ones, as they are the best, rather than the flat or long ones.

Furthermore, you should only choose onions that have a fresh and undamaged exterior.

Observing the root part of onions

One of the secrets to choosing good onions is to observe the root part of the onion, which has many long fibers. This indicates that the onion is fresh. Therefore, when you choose onions with lots of roots, the taste of the onion will be better and they will last much longer.

However, if you choose onions without roots, you should not choose them because they will not taste as good and will not last long in storage.

Observing the skin of onions

Good onions have firm, smooth skin without any dents. Additionally, there should be no black spots or tightly clinging to the inner part of the onion.

When you see onions like this, you should choose them as they are quite tasty. If you see onions with rough, soft, or swollen skin, you should not choose them as they are no longer fresh.


Source: Khỏe & Đẹp

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