Buy Durian, Don’t Be Foolish in Choosing Male Fruit, Female Fruit is Sweeter and More Meaty

It turns out that durian also has male and female fruits, with the female fruit having a more delicious and plentiful aroma.


Durian is a special fruit that is delicious and nutritious. Although not everyone can eat this fruit because of its distinct smell, the appeal of durian is undeniable. For durian lovers, when they see this fruit, they must buy some to enjoy at home.

There is a special trick to choose the right durian, which is sweet, fragrant, and has a lot of flesh. Many people believe that you should choose durian based on its size – the bigger the fruit, the better the flesh, or buy smaller fruit for sweeter flesh. But the truth is not that simple.

There is a little-known fact that you can choose durian based on its gender. Female durians are tastier and have more flesh than male ones.

Specifically, here’s how to choose a delicious durian:

– Look at the shape to determine the gender of the durian:

Just like humans and animals, durian can also be divided into male and female. Therefore, when buying durian, observe the outer appearance. If the durian has clearly defined segments, it is a female fruit. The segments of the durian will be bulging, indicating that there is a lot of flesh and small seeds inside.

Choose female durian for sweet and meaty flesh

Avoid choosing durians that look too firm, round like an oval ball without segmented sections, or are deformed. In particular, ripe durians will have slightly cracked outer skin and a distinct aroma.

However, it is not recommended to buy durians with completely detached skins because they have to be consumed immediately. Additionally, we do not know how long they have been cracked, so the quality of the flesh inside is difficult to control.

– Observe the even distribution of the durian segments:

Anyone who has eaten durian knows that the segments are well-separated. Each segment of the durian is separated by a space, and each space contains a segment of durian flesh. Therefore, when buying durian, observe the outer appearance. If the spaces between the segments (the spaces containing the flesh) are evenly distributed, it indicates that this durian has a lot of flesh and no voids for undeveloped seeds.

– Look at the durian spines:

Durian has a unique feature – the durian spines. The outer skin of durian is covered by these spines. The durian spines are also an important part that helps you determine the quality of the fruit you want to buy. Ripe durians will be soft, so when buying, try pressing two adjacent spines together. If you can easily pinch these two spines together, it indicates that the fruit is ripe.

Choose female durian for sweet and meaty flesh

– Gently shake the durian:

Many people think that a cracked durian shell indicates ripeness. But in reality, this method is not always accurate because a cracked shell does not necessarily mean the durian is ripe. To check if the durian is ripe, try shaking it gently. If you can hear a slight rattling sound (indicating that the segments have separated), it means that the durian is ripe.


According to “Phụ Nữ Việt Nam” (Vietnamese Women)

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