Buy grapefruit without trying to cut it open, just look at this point to know that the grapefruit is delicious, thin skin and most juicy.

If you've ever bought pomelo, you've probably experienced the frustration of picking a large and beautiful one, only to find out that it has very few and dry segments. That's why it's important to know how to count the segments of a pomelo without having to cut it open, so you can always choose the ripest and juiciest fruit.


Tips for counting grapefruit segments without cutting the fruit

Pay attention to the stem area. Look closely and count how many white vein lines there are on the round stem, and you will know how many segments the grapefruit will have! Super simple.

How to choose a delicious grapefruit without cutting it, just look at this point to know if the grapefruit is good, with thin skin and many segments-1 
This is the little trick to know how many segments a grapefruit has without cutting it.

If you are too lazy to “peek”, let me tell you right away that there are 14 white vein lines on the stem of the grapefruit in the above picture. Try cutting it open to see if this grapefruit has 14 segments.

In addition, you can also try the easy trick to cut open a grapefruit without peeling the green skin and separating the white pith as follows: Cut off both ends of the grapefruit, make a deep cut. Then cut the whole fruit horizontally. The segments will be fully exposed! You just need to peel the skin along each segment to easily separate the segments.

In addition, each type of grapefruit has its own selection secrets.

For green-skin grapefruit

This type of grapefruit is popular because it has large, juicy segments and is easy to peel. When choosing a good green-skin grapefruit, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the skin: it should be tight and have large spines, the fruit should feel firm when held. The skin should be shiny and evenly colored, without wrinkles. With the tip for choosing a good green-skin grapefruit, you should choose fruits weighing 1kg or more, and the stem should still be fresh and firmly attached to the fruit.

Avoid choosing grapefruits with tough, withered stems, as it indicates that the grapefruit has been sitting around for a long time and is no longer fresh. To determine if the skin of a grapefruit is thick or thin, gently tap the fruit: a crisp sound means the skin is thin, while a dull sound means the skin is thick.

For pomelo grapefruit

The trick to choosing good pomelo grapefruit is that the smaller and older the fruit, the better it will taste. Use the following signs to choose good pomelo grapefruit.

How to choose a delicious grapefruit without cutting it, just look at this point to know if the grapefruit is good, with thin skin and many segments-2

Good pomelo grapefruits are round and even, with slightly ugly skin, wrinkled peel, dark yellow color, and firm when held. The trick to choosing a good grapefruit relies on the fragrance of the fruit, a light, delicate fragrance. You can feel the round segments just by pressing gently on the fruit.

For honey pomelo

Honey pomelo is known for being juicy, sweet, with a slightly sour taste. The trick to choosing a good honey pomelo is to choose fruits with bright skin, plump skin, and large spines, indicating ripe and sweet fruit. Pomelos are often chosen for decorating fruit trays during Tet holidays or for making cute pomelo dogs by skilled women.

These tips for choosing delicious and sweet grapefruits for different types will help you gain more experience when buying. Along with that, learn more about how to properly store fruits.

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