Can wireless charging damage your phone?

Using wireless chargers is incredibly convenient, but many people wonder if it can damage their phones.


Wireless charging is a technology that can charge the battery of a mobile device differently from traditional wired charging. This is a type of charging that does not require plugging a cable into the phone to charge; simply place your device on a mat or stand that supports power to start the charging process.

For wireless charging to work, your phone must support charging and be compatible with a wireless charger. In this case, both the charger and the phone will contain a coil.

When you place a compatible phone on the wireless charger, a rapidly changing magnetic field will interact with the coil of wire inside the smartphone, creating an electric current. So does wireless charging damage the phone?

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Does wireless charging damage the phone? (Illustrative image).

Disadvantages of wireless charging

This charging technology still has some disadvantages, such as being limited to phones with metal backs like aluminum or steel because it cannot charge through metal.

Therefore, wireless charging only works for phones with glass or plastic backs. This technology takes more time and heats up the device more than wired charging. If you overuse wireless charging, it will affect the battery life.

Advantages of wireless charging

Wireless charging has many outstanding advantages that are beneficial to users such as:

– Helps reduce risks and accidents like explosions when using low-quality wired chargers; brings greater convenience to users, avoiding the need to carry multiple charging cables, power banks that are cumbersome and complicated.

– Wireless charging technology still provides good charging efficiency, making charging simple and safer compared to traditional wired charging.

Wireless charging does not significantly affect the battery charging cycle compared to wired charging because the charging cycle is not related to the charging method but only to the frequency of charging.

If you have a habit of charging your phone multiple times a day, you will experience the consequence of significantly reduced remaining battery life, regardless of the charging technology you use.

In summary, wireless charging does not harm the battery or phone, as long as you do not worry too much about charging when the battery percentage may drop a certain amount.

4 habits to maintain long battery life

The batteries of modern phones are often evaluated with a lifespan of about 500 charging cycles. Most cases should and must replace the battery after a few years of use. However, you can perform the following simple habits to improve the health and lifespan of the battery:

First, always keep your phone battery between 20% and 80%.

Second, avoid letting the battery drop to 0% regularly.

Third, try to minimize your phone’s exposure to harsh weather conditions;

Fourth, invest in a good quality charger, cable, and power adapter…

In conclusion, whether you use wireless or wired charging, both are safe and do not significantly affect the battery life or phone. When using it, you should avoid hot areas. Did this article answer your question? Rest assured to use this device!

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