Choosing the Right Electric Fan for Your Needs

Electric fans nowadays are equipped with various convenient features such as timers and remote controls, making usage easier and more convenient.


Different from expensive air conditioners, electric fans are an essential item in every household nowadays due to their various price ranges (from a few hundred thousand dong to a few million dong), which are enough to help cool down during hot summer days. Electric fans nowadays are equipped with many convenient functions that many people need to know when buying, providing a more convenient experience during use.

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Wind modes

The fan blades, operating power, and wind speed are the factors that determine the cooling function of the electric fan, whether it is strong or weak. Popular types of electric fans currently have various wind modes, including:

– Normal mode: has the function of blowing out a constant wind speed.

– Sleep mode: has the function of blowing out a gentle breeze, creating a relaxing feeling for easy sleep for users.

– Natural mode: allows the wind to blow from the fan to change strong or weak according to mood.

Remote control

With electric fans that are equipped with remote control, users can control the fan speed, set the timer to turn off appropriately while sleeping from a distance without having to be near the fan. Of course, this function will require users to spend more money.

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Timer to turn off

Depending on the product, users can set the fan to run for about 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours before automatically turning off. This useful feature helps users have uninterrupted sleep without having to wake up to turn off the fan, while also saving energy and ensuring safety when using.

Bearings or copper-alloy motor

Currently, the motors of electric fans are mostly finished with silver or copper-alloy. Each type of motor brings different benefits. For example, a fan equipped with a silver-alloy motor will operate faster but is prone to wear and requires replacement after a period of use. Meanwhile, a fan using a copper-alloy motor will run smoothly and last longer. Based on these benefits, users can calculate and choose the appropriate motor.

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Fuse for explosion-proof safety

With the increasing number of electrical fires that have occurred recently, it is best to pay attention to the feature of explosion-proof fuses on electric fans. As we know, when the fan runs continuously for a long time, the motor temperature will increase, at this time the fuse will cut off the power to protect the motor, helping to limit the risk of explosion and ensuring safety for users.

Plastic casing to prevent dust for the motor

Currently, electric fan manufacturers often use an insulated plastic casing to cover the motor to prevent insects, dust, and foreign objects from entering and causing short circuits and damage to the fan. Therefore, users should pay attention to it if they want to extend the lifespan of the electric fan.

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LED display

For high-end electric fans, users are even provided with LED lights to display the wind modes, from which they can adjust the mode suitable for them at night. In addition, the LED lights can also be used to serve as night lights and save energy.

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