Common Mistakes People Make When Ironing Clothes

The ironing board is a familiar item in households. However, not everyone knows how to use it properly, leading to clothes being damaged quickly and the ironing board having a shorter lifespan.


Users should refer to and learn about information on how to use an iron to avoid mistakes that can increase the durability of clothes and the lifespan of the iron. Mr. Duong Tuan Sang (an employee of an electronics store in Ho Chi Minh City) has “listed” some common mistakes that many people make.

1. Using one temperature for all types of fabrics

Clothes are made from different types of fabrics with different characteristics, so users need to pay attention during the ironing process. Depending on each type of fabric, people need to adjust the appropriate temperature. Many fashion brands attach labels to their products to let customers know the heat tolerance of this fabric. Not all fabrics can withstand heat well, so users should never use one temperature for all types of fabrics to avoid burning, shrinking, and damage.

Mistakes users often make when ironing - Picture 1.

Many people need to be aware of mistakes when ironing clothes


2. Ironing excessively

Ironing clothes excessively will make the clothes too dry, difficult to remove wrinkles, and consume more energy. People should use a steam iron or dampen clothes before ironing.

3. Not cleaning the iron thoroughly

Cleaning the iron is very important because dust can accumulate over time. Checking and wiping the iron’s surface regularly with a soft cloth to avoid dirt sticking to clothes is necessary.

Mistakes users often make when ironing - Picture 2.

People need to clean the iron regularly


4. Not turning clothes inside out while ironing

According to male employee, to keep clothes beautiful and durable, users should turn clothes inside out before ironing because the iron’s temperature can fade the color or create stains on the clothes. Turning clothes inside out is also the best way to maintain the shape while ironing.

5. Ignoring ironing techniques

Many people mistakenly believe that ironing clothes in any way is fine. However, users should iron from top to bottom or from left to right to avoid stretching the fabric and flatten the clothes the most. Ironing clothes in a way other than the above can widen the clothes and cause the fabric to deform. Also, pay attention to keeping the clothes tight so that the wrinkles can be easily ironed flat.

6. Putting on clothes right after ironing

Putting on clothes immediately after ironing will make them prone to wrinkles again. Therefore, after ironing, people should hang them up for a short time. At that time, the clothes are no longer hot and will not need to be ironed multiple times.

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