Create unique partitions to adorn your home

Using room dividers instead of walls will save your budget and save more space for your home because it's easy to build, has a modern feel, and will be cheaper in the long run.


1. Industrial wood

Whether you are looking to divide the space in your own home or in a restaurant, office or even turn a large space into two different sitting areas, the use of laminate is an idea. great.

You can use iron frames and then stack small logs to fill the frames. All will create a wooden wall that is both natural and modern.

2. Child-friendly room dividers

Whether you're trying to turn a room into a space for two or you're trying to separate your child's sleeping area from their play area, these weatherproof partitions can be an option. perfect.

Simply place them between the bed area and the child's play area to prevent them from cluttering up toys on the bed.

In addition, you can buy room dividers with many pet or cartoon pictures to create more interest for young children.


3. Sliding door

An easy way to create partitions in a small space is to add a sliding door. Sliding doors are a great idea because you can close it when you need privacy or a clear division.

Moreover, they are also very convenient to open because you don't have to worry about them getting tangled up in anything around your house.

4. Geometric divider

If you are looking for a more modern and adult divider, this divider might be what you were hoping to find.

With the folding design, you can create a private space – just you or you can also use it as a decoration near the balcony, creating oval shadows that project into your home. friend.

Plus you can easily move and even store it just by folding it up if you don't use it anymore.

5. Tree wall

Are you living in an apartment or a space where you don't have much balcony space?

Do you want a little division between your front door and your living area? Or simply you want to bring nature into your home.

You can use the wall decorated with greenery and some artificial plants by hanging or placing potted plants on the shelf separating the door area and the living room.

Thanks to these simple steps, you have a wall of plants separating the two areas of the house.

6. Built-in bench

For apartments or houses that are long and narrow, will you struggle with not having much foyer in your living space?

This bench is a great idea on how you can divide the space and make it work better.

You can erect a high-back couch to divide the area and make it a great place to chat or receive guests.

7. Use the wardrobe

Before, your wardrobe had only one purpose, to keep your clothes clean and shiny.

However, you can use them as a wall to separate the living room and bedroom or with another space.

As a result, you can both make the most of the functionality of the items in your home and save space for other spaces.

8. Use the price to grow all kinds of flowers

This is an idea that will bring a lot of color to your home because they are made up of flower pots, but it will not bring too much privacy to your space.

Simply, you just need to prepare an iron rack, choose your favorite flower pots and put them on the shelf, so you have a beautiful wall.


9. Use blinds

We often use curtains to block out the light from outside. However, you can also use them as walls to separate the spaces in the house.

In particular, you can open or close them easily without too much force.

Moreover, if you want to move house or you want all the rooms to become more open, you can roll them up to create an airy space for your house.

10. Use a bookshelf

If you are looking for a way to divide a room while still being able to store small items and not necessarily trying to create privacy, then this idea could be just what you need.

You will use the uniquely designed bookcase as a way to create space between the entryway and the living area.

The use of bookshelves helps to keep the house neat and airy and you can display a few small items and your favorite books there.

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