Delicious and Succulent Chinese Braised Pork: Tender, Flavorful, and Beautifully Glazed

Tender, flavorful, and rich in taste, the delicious Chinese braised pork dish, known as "thịt kho tàu", is loved by both adults and children. Below is the secret recipe for preparing this mouthwatering dish.


1. Ingredients to prepare

Pork belly or pork leg.

Duck eggs or quail eggs.

Coconut water or regular water.

Chopped onion, garlic.

Seasonings: sugar, fish sauce, broth powder, pepper…

2. How to make

Step 1: Preparation

+ Select and buy fresh and good pork

First, you should choose pork pieces that are pink or light red in color. When cutting, you will see the meat is pink, slightly shiny, and the fat layer is white and firm. To choose good meat that is not too greasy or too dry, you should choose pieces of meat with a balanced ratio of fat and lean meat.

Good and clean meat that is not raised with fat enhancers usually has a firm texture, the meat and fat stick together, and it does not feel too loose when holding it. You should not choose pieces of pork that have a bad smell, no elasticity when pressing because it is old meat, not fresh and good.

+ Select and buy fresh eggs

Good eggs usually have a rosy appearance, with a layer of white dust powder covering the surface, and they feel firm when held. You should not choose duck eggs that have a dull color or a faint smell. With more caution, you can check the eggs to see if they are translucent pink with a pink dot in the middle, an air pocket with a diameter of no more than 1 cm, and a fixed surrounding membrane. On the contrary, eggs left for a long time usually have red spots with many lines, and the air pocket is larger than 1.5 cm. Spoiled eggs still show uneven color, gray and opaque.

Placing duck eggs in a 10% saltwater solution is also a good way to test eggs. When the eggs have been stored for 3 to 5 days, they will sink to the bottom when placed in the solution. If the eggs float on the surface of the solution, they have been stored for more than 5 days and you should not use them anymore. You should not choose eggs that shake and sound like there is water inside because these are eggs that have been stored for a long time and are no longer fresh and good.

Step 2: Preprocessing

+ To remove the odor from the meat, soak it in diluted saltwater, then rinse it with running water and cut it. For more caution, you can blanch it in hot water.

+ Boil quail eggs or duck eggs, and remove the shells.

Step 3: Braising the meat

Put the meat in a pan, roast it until it turns golden, remove excess fat, and transfer it to a plate.

In the same pan, add sugar to make a caramel sauce. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and cook over medium heat, stirring with chopsticks until the caramel turns brown. Turn off the heat. Wait for the caramel to cool, then the color will darken, pour an additional 1/2 cup of filtered water to dilute it.

Next, add the meat to the pan, add a little filtered water or coconut water. Add onions, ginger and simmer for 30 minutes. Then add the peeled eggs and simmer for another 30 minutes. Adjust the amount of water until it evaporates. During cooking, if you find that the water is evaporating too much, you can add more water.

Finally, season with spices to taste and sprinkle pepper on the dish to add attraction. The finished braised meat is tender and delicious. The dish has a brown color that is eye-catching, with a rich and appealing flavor.

According to Xe và thể thao

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