Discover 2 tons of durian soaked in chemicals for quick ripening

On the morning of September 1st, the H.Di Linh Police Department in Lâm Đồng province revealed that they have recently coordinated with a task force from various departments to combat smuggling, fraud, and counterfeit goods. During the operation, they inspected and discovered that Mr. Hoang Van Trong's durian purchasing facility (located in Village 2, Hoa Nam commune) was illegally using chemicals to soak the durian.

At the scene, the inter-agency inspection team drew up a record of sealing, seizing more than 2 tons of durian that had been soaked in chemicals (photo); 13 bottles of 1,000 ml type 1 Phytophthora fungus treatment medicine; 4 bottles of 500 ml high-grade leaf fertilizer labeled HPC-97HXN; some chemical cans and many yellow powder-containing paper bags.
In addition, the functional agencies also confiscated 89 kg of packaging and labels with Chinese characters.
According to initial verification, this facility has been operating from the end of July 2016 until now, and regularly buys unripe durian to soak in chemicals before being consumed.

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