Don’t use these 3 spices when boiling meat, many people don’t know they make the meat taste bad, with a strong odor.

To create a delicious boiled meat dish, pay attention to the following tips.


Boiled meat is a delicious dish that many people love. Usually, to get rid of the fishy smell and make the meat more flavorful, in addition to the preparation, many people add spices to the boiling pot with the meat.

Adding spices will make the meat more savory and eliminate the fishy smell. However, if you choose the wrong spices, the dish will have a strange smell and no longer taste delicious.

Here are 3 types of spices that you should not add to the boiling pot of meat.

Black pepper

Black pepper has a strong and spicy taste, which helps make the dishes more flavorful. However, you should not add black pepper to the boiling pot of meat. The strong flavor of black pepper can overpower the original taste of pork.

In addition, black pepper can make the pork dry and tough, reducing its tenderness and deliciousness.

Cooking wine

Some people use cooking wine to remove the gamey smell and enhance the taste of the dish. However, cooking wine is not the most suitable choice for boiled meat.

The reason is that when boiling the meat, we will cover the pot tightly, if we add cooking wine, the aroma of the wine cannot escape and will be trapped in the pot. The combination of the wine aroma and the natural gamey smell of the meat will make the dish taste strange and not delicious.

Son Tra fruit

Son Tra fruit (Gac fruit) is widely used in dishes, especially stewed dishes. Son Tra fruit contains a large amount of organic acid and lipase, which helps accelerate the process of decomposing protein and fats, making the meat tender faster.

However, Son Tra fruit is suitable for meats that are rich in protein and fats, such as beef. For pork, you should not use this spice, especially in boiled pork.

Adding Son Tra fruit to the boiling pot with meat will make the meat sour, have a strange smell, and lose its deliciousness.

According to Xe và Thể thao

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