Double your electricity savings with these refrigerator adjustment tips, you’ll be amazed by your end-of-the-month bill!

In order to maximize electricity savings, you must follow the following methods to optimize your refrigerator's energy efficiency to the fullest extent possible.


Adjusting the temperature reasonably

When there is not much food stored in the refrigerator, adjusting the cooling level to medium or low will save more electricity. Consumers should use a thermometer to check the refrigerator temperature, and a temperature of 7-8ºC is sufficient for the cooling compartment, there is no need to adjust the maximum coldness. For the freezer compartment, adjusting the temperature to -18ºC instead of -22ºC is sufficient.

Attention to appropriate capacity and technical specifications

It can be said that the first criterion that consumers should consider when buying a refrigerator is capacity. According to experts, based on the current living standards of families, each person needs an average of 40 – 50 liters of capacity. Thus, a family of 4 people will need a refrigerator with a capacity of 160 – 200 liters.

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The refrigerator needs to be placed in a well-ventilated area

According to refrigeration experts, the refrigerator should be placed in a well-ventilated area, avoiding placing it in tight corners of the house. The back and side walls of the refrigerator should be at least 10cm away from the wall to ensure heat dissipation. To allow air circulation around the refrigerator and to prevent moisture, consumers can raise the refrigerator off the ground by more than 5cm. Because the higher the temperature around the refrigerator, the more it will affect the cooling ability and consume more electricity.

Properly store food

Families should not overcrowd the refrigerator. Leave some space and allow air circulation to reduce electricity consumption. Hot food should be cooled down completely before placing it in the refrigerator. Use metal containers instead of plastic ones for storing food. always place ice or frozen food in the cool compartment to keep it cool and reduce the workload of the refrigeration system, which helps to save a considerable amount of energy.

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Don’t overload the refrigerator

If there is a lot of food to store, it must be arranged properly with enough space for cold air circulation, which reduces energy consumption. Do not tightly pack the refrigerator with food or fill it too much. Meat, fresh fish, etc. should be put in steel or stainless-steel boxes instead of plastic ones because metal conducts cold faster, reduces cooling time, and consumes less electricity.

Limit turning on/off the refrigerator

While using the refrigerator, to save electricity, consumers should limit turning it off from the power source and turning it on/off frequently as each startup will consume a large amount of electricity. If the refrigerator is not used for a long time, it should be disconnected from the power source but make sure to clean all objects and food in the refrigerator, clean the refrigerator, and let it dry before closing it, cover it with a dust cover. Limit opening the refrigerator continuously and opening it for too long because when the door is opened, the cold air inside the refrigerator will quickly exchange with the hot air outside, causing the temperature inside the refrigerator to rise. At that time, the refrigeration system has to work longer and consume more energy, and in the long run, it reduces the life span of the refrigerator.

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Don’t let the food touch the inner walls of the refrigerator

Regularly letting food come into contact with the inside of the refrigerator will make vegetables and fruits spoil easily, and it also makes the refrigerator work less efficiently and consume more energy. Pay attention to keep the food a certain distance from the inner walls of the refrigerator.

Clean the back of the refrigerator

The cooling system at the back of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned and dusted regularly to avoid clogging. If the family has pets, cleaning should be even more frequent as it is an ideal place for pet hair to accumulate.

Defrost in the refrigerator

Instead of defrosting in the microwave, let the food thaw naturally by placing it in the refrigerator compartment overnight. Gradual thawing makes the food tastier and saves a significant amount of electricity.

Keep the refrigerator clean

Cleaning the refrigerator will limit the growth of bacteria and mold. Families should pay attention to clean the rubber seal at the opening/closing door to make it close better, prevent cold air from escaping, and reduce electricity consumption. Regularly clean the surfaces of the condenser, evaporator, filter, and water tray to facilitate better heat dissipation and exchange, and prevent energy waste.

Refrigerators need to be cleaned every 1-2 months to ensure stable operation and better energy savings. Once a year, consumers should check the refrigerant level of the refrigerator. If it is insufficient, it must be replenished in time. Otherwise, this is the reason for increased energy consumption.

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Check the door seals

Rubber seals on the door can get damaged after prolonged use, causing the refrigerator to lose cold air. Test by inserting a bill into the gap of the refrigerator, if the bill can be easily pulled along the gap, then the rubber seal needs to be replaced. Also, make sure to clean them carefully to avoid dust accumulation.

Above are energy-saving tips for refrigerators to minimize electricity consumption as well as to make the refrigerator more durable and efficient.

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