Exploring Solutions to Common Toshiba Washing Machine Error Code EB4

Are you experiencing an EB4 error on your Toshiba washing machine? We've got you covered — we'll show you what the error means and how you can solve it. Let's dive into this issue and get your washing machine back up and running in no time.


The Meaning of Error Code EB4 on a Toshiba Washing Machine

If your Toshiba washing machine displays error code EB4, it indicates a malfunction in the drain motor. During normal operation, the machine drains all the water after completing the washing program to prepare for the spin program.

If the washing machine fails to completely drain the water for the next program, an EB4 error code will be shown on the control panel and the machine will stop operating.

The EB4 and E64 errors on Toshiba washing machines are the same error code

Both the EB4 and E64 errors on Toshiba washing machines refer to the same error code, known by different names depending on individual interpretations.

Resolving the EB4 Error Code on Toshiba Washing Machines: Causes and Solutions

Here are some possible causes for your Toshiba washing machine displaying the error code EB4:

  • The wire connecting the circuit board to the drain is disconnected.

  • The drain motor is damaged.

  • The control circuit board is damaged.

Causes of the Toshiba washing machine displaying the EB4 error code

If you are experiencing the EB4 error code on your Toshiba washing machine, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

First, ensure that the motor drain connection wire is properly connected to the circuit board.

To begin troubleshooting the washing machine, follow these steps:

1. Remove the back cover of the washing machine.
2. Carefully remove the plastic cover to access the internal components.
3. Examine the electrical wire connecting from the circuit board to the drain.
4. If there is any damage or breakage in the wire, proceed to the next step.
5. To resolve this issue, reconnect the wire using the correct wire colors for accurate connections.

By following these instructions, you can inspect and repair any potential issues with the electrical wire in your washing machine.

Remove the cover located at the back of the washing machine and the plastic cover to check the wire

Inspect the drain motor

One possible reason for the EB4 error code on a Toshiba washing machine is a malfunctioning drain motor. To resolve this issue, purchase a suitable replacement drain motor for your specific machine model and install it to replace the existing faulty drain motor.

Check the drain motor of the Toshiba washing machine

Make sure to check the control circuit board for any issues.

If you have installed a new drain motor in the washing machine and it still shows the EB4 error code, there may be a fault or damage to the control circuit board of the machine. This can prevent the drain motor from being controlled as intended.

If you have experience in washing machine repair, you can choose to repair or replace the circuit board in this situation. However, for safety reasons and to avoid further damage to the machine, it is recommended to consult a professional washing machine repair technician.

Check the control circuit board of the Toshiba washing machine

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