Guidelines Released for Social Distancing During Covid-19 Pandemic

On July 23, 2021, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee released Directive 12-CT/TU, aiming to bolster compliance of Government Directive 16/CT-TTg. What precise steps does Directive 12 lay out to ensure social distancing? Let's dive into the details!


TP. HCM Enforcing Directive 16 with Stricter Measures Until August 1

On July 23, 2021, in light of the escalating daily cases of COVID-19 in the region, Secretary Nguyen Van Nen of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee has given his approval to Directive 12-CT/TU, which focuses on enhancing the execution of the Prime Minister’s Directive 16/CT-TTg. The city will persist with the implementation of both the Prime Minister’s Directive 16 and the City Party Committee’s Directive 12-CT/TU until August 1, 2021.

In an urgent directive, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, Nguyen Van Nen, has emphasized the utmost importance of prioritizing the protection of lives and health of the people by minimizing deaths and safeguarding the healthcare system’s treatment capacity.

Directive 12 of the City Party Committee of HCMC strengthens the implementation of Directive 16 of the Prime Minister

Accordingly, measures will be implemented within the city to limit the activities of certain groups. Specifically, only cases deemed necessary will be allowed to leave designated quarantine areas, which will be closely monitored and sealed off. Furthermore, market gatherings and trading activities will be subject to stricter regulations to minimize crowded gatherings.

Temporarily suspensions will be implemented on non-essential transportation, as well as business production activities and construction site operations.

Directive 12-CT/TU of HCMC Issued on 11/7 Revealed

Revision of Directive 12-CT-TU-Q Goals

Due to the alarming increase in reported cases of the epidemic, with a total of 46,178 confirmed cases in Ho Chi Minh City as of July 22, social distancing measures have proven ineffective. In response to this, the city has introduced a new approach.

Directive 12-CT-TU, urgently mandated by the City Party Committee, has been implemented with the purpose of effectively quarantining and containing the spread of the disease. The goal is to establish and enlarge safe areas while effectively curbing the transmission within high-risk regions.

Directive 12 will strengthen monitoring and control of quarantine activities

Implementing More Effective Strategies for Home Quarantine in India

(Excerpt from Directive 12-CT/TU issued by the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee)

To ensure maximum awareness and compliance with social distancing and anti-epidemic measures, we are implementing extensive and intensive propaganda efforts. Our dedicated team is committed to reaching every individual, leaving no stone unturned. By going door to door and distributing informative leaflets, we aim to provide clear instructions and guidance on how to effectively practice social distancing.

To enhance inspection, supervision, and strict adherence to regulations regarding social distancing, especially in ensuring distance between individuals and families, it is imperative that requirements and regulations pertaining to quarantine and sealing are rigorously enforced. Following the principles outlined below, these measures will support the overall objective of maintaining public health and safety.

In areas under quarantine, it is of utmost importance to adhere strictly to the principle of “isolating individuals, isolating families,” avoiding any direct contact with individuals outside of one’s household. Residents are only permitted to leave their homes under the following circumstances: (1) for emergency medical treatment and (2) to purchase essential food items from supermarkets or markets within the quarantined area. Such purchases are limited to twice a week and must be made using market/supermarket vouchers issued by local authorities. In high-risk areas, households are required to remain inside their homes while essential supplies are delivered directly by the local authorities.

Directive 12 -

Image Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper

In areas under quarantine, it is imperative for individuals to adhere rigorously to the regulations. They are required to remain in their assigned room and should not engage in direct contact with others, except in cases of emergency medical treatment.

In households where there are confirmed cases of COVID-19, it is crucial for individuals to adhere to the guidelines provided by the health sector. It is important that they remain at home and only leave for emergency medical treatment. Local authorities will provide assistance in terms of essential supplies and food.

In highly populated areas, it is crucial to strictly enforce social distancing measures between individuals to ensure their safety.

Identifying Ways for Seniors to Participate in Activities

Temporary Suspension of Business Production and Construction Activities

To prioritize the health and safety of our workforce and the community, we have decided to temporarily suspend our business production activities and activities related to construction sites, construction projects, and non-essential transportation.

This precautionary measure is aimed at reducing the risk of spreading any infectious diseases and ensures compliance with local health regulations. We understand the inconvenience this may cause, but we are committed to prioritize the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, and the general public.

We will closely monitor the situation and keep our stakeholders informed of any updates or changes. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these challenging times.

Banks and securities institutions guarantee adequate service capacity by adopting measures such as operating branches or transaction offices on a rotational basis and organizing personnel on shift work. In addition, strict adherence to social distancing measures is enforced.

Banks implement social distancing but still ensure operations

Restrictions on Business Operations for Safety Measures

In order to prioritize public safety, only businesses operating in essential service sectors will be allowed to function during the specified period. These sectors include healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food supply and distribution, provision of meals for hospitals, quarantine areas, and treatment facilities. Additionally, businesses involved in providing crucial utilities such as electricity, water, gas, postal services, telecommunications, and public sanitation will continue operations. Furthermore, transportation services for essential goods, state treasury, funeral services, and any other services deemed essential by competent authorities will be operational to serve the public and ensure safety.

Manufacturing businesses in compliance with safety requirements, adhering strictly to the principle of “3 on-site” and “one route, two destinations”, are permitted to operate. Non-compliant cases are subject to immediate shutdown and strict penalties for violation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

Traditional markets are permitted to operate under new models that adhere to strict regulations and close supervision. These measures aim to create an open and spacious environment, with clear separation between buyers and sellers using barriers. Additionally, prices are prominently displayed, and the use of pre-packaged goods is encouraged. Social distancing is strictly enforced, and trading is limited to essential food items only. To further minimize risks, market operations are reduced to approximately 30% of the usual scale, and business households alternate operating days to minimize interactions.

Traditional markets will operate according to the new directives of Directive 12

The control checkpoints at the entrances and exits of the city for COVID-19 prevention measures cover various levels, including 12 general checkpoints, city checkpoints, district checkpoints, and Thanh Hoa City-level checkpoints. These checkpoints strictly allow entry only to vehicles that meet certain criteria. This includes official vehicles, transportation vehicles with authorized identification codes (QR codes) for authorized transport and passage through the city, private vehicles belonging to state agencies, armed forces, and entities involved in epidemic prevention and control, as well as vehicles transporting city residents back to their hometowns following planned arrangements.

The City Party Committee has also emphasized the need for improved proactive and effective communication efforts. This includes ensuring the dissemination of accurate, timely, and positive information regarding epidemic prevention and control measures. It is essential to minimize the spread of one-directional, unverified, and anxiety-inducing news among the public.

To view the summary of Directive 12, please refer to the image below.

Summary of implementing Directive 12

Directive 12 vs. Directive 16: A Comparison

The City Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has issued Directive 12 to strengthen the execution of Prime Minister’s Directive 16, with the aim of effectively preventing and controlling the epidemic. The following key aspects should be taken into consideration:

– Regarding the issue of crowded places and maintaining a safe distance:

Directive 16:

  • Implementing Social Distancing Measures

    Implementing Social Distancing Measures

    As part of our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is crucial to implement social distancing measures at various levels of society. By ensuring the isolation of families from families, villages from villages, communes from communes, districts from districts, and provinces from provinces, we can effectively reduce the transmission of the virus.

  • Please adhere to the following guidelines: refrain from congregating in groups of more than two individuals outside of work environment or educational institutions, as well as in places such as hospitals and public establishments.
  • Please ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters when communicating.

Directive 16 combined with Directive 12:

Implement the same measures as specified in Directive 16, with the additional requirements outlined in Directive 12.

  • In highly populated urban areas, it is crucial to strictly enforce social distancing measures among individuals, particularly in small and crowded spaces.

  • In sealed areas, it is essential to strictly adhere to the principle of “isolating individuals, isolating families”, with no direct contact allowed with individuals outside one’s immediate family.

Ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters

Regarding market gatherings and trading activities:

Directive 16: Wholesale markets and traditional markets that do not meet the safety criteria for epidemic prevention and control should be temporarily closed and implement necessary corrective measures.

Directive 16 combined with Directive 12:

  • Traditional markets must now operate under modified models that adhere to strict regulations and undergo close supervision. These measures are aimed at creating an open and spacious environment, which includes the use of physical barriers to separate buyers and sellers. Additionally, market vendors are required to display prices and prioritize the sale of pre-packaged goods, all while strictly enforcing social distancing guidelines.

  • Trading Restrictions for Essential Food

    In light of the ongoing situation, we have implemented trading restrictions to ensure the availability of essential food items. We kindly request customers to limit their purchases to essential food items only, in order to manage the supply and meet the needs of all our customers.

    Furthermore, we encourage customers to minimize the scale of their purchases, keeping it to approximately 30% of their usual shopping routine. By doing so, we can ensure the equitable distribution of food and avoid potential shortages.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these challenging times. Together, we can navigate through the situation effectively and support each other.

  • Businesses are taking measures to minimize interactions by implementing an alternate day operation schedule for households.

Bach hoa XANH provides essential goods directly at stores and delivers online

– Individuals permitted to leave their residences:

Directive 16:

According to Directive 16, individuals are required to stay at home and should only venture outside when it is absolutely necessary.

  • Visit our online store to purchase essential food products, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and other essential goods and services. We have a wide range of high-quality products available for your convenience. Shop with us today!

  • In urgent circumstances, prompt attention may be required for emergency medical care, natural disasters, fires, and funerals.
  • Employment opportunities are available for individuals interested in working in state agencies, armed forces, diplomatic agencies, and authorized operating establishments.

Directive 16 combined with Directive 12: The implementation of Directive 16 should be continued as directed.

People in quarantined areas are only allowed to leave their homes when:

  • Immediate medical attention is necessary.

  • Residents within the quarantined area are required to purchase necessary food supplies from local supermarkets or markets. This should be done twice a week using market or supermarket vouchers provided by the local authorities.

In certain high-risk areas, residents are required to remain indoors while local authorities ensure the delivery of essential supplies to each household.

People in quarantined areas are only allowed to go out 2 times a week

– Permitted activities:

Directive 16: For information regarding activities allowed to continue and specific requirements, please consult the list.

Directive 16 combined with Directive 12:

  • We kindly request the temporary suspension of business production activities, as well as the activities conducted at construction sites, construction projects, and non-essential transportation. This measure is being taken in order to prioritize urgent matters and ensure the safety and well-being of all involved. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Essential services businesses in the fields of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food, essential food, meals for hospitals and quarantine areas, as well as electricity, water, gas, postal services, telecommunications, public sanitation, and essential goods transportation will continue to operate in order to provide necessary services and ensure safety. Additionally, state treasury, funeral services, and any other essential services designated by competent authorities will also be operational as required.
  • In compliance with safety measures, manufacturing businesses are required to strictly adhere to the principles of “3 on-site” and “one route, two destinations”. Only those that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control are permitted to operate. Any instances that fail to meet these requirements must be halted immediately and subject to strict penalties.

Healthcare workers are performing their duties

Notice: Temporary Suspension of Business and Service Activities

Directive 16: All non-essential business service activities, ticket selling of lottery agents, and street lottery ticket sales, as well as take-away food services, are to be suspended.

Directive 16 along with Directive 12:

As per Directive 16, all business production activities, as well as activities of construction sites, construction projects, and transportation that are not urgently needed, are temporarily suspended.

Streets in HCMC during social distancing

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Provided the aforementioned information, it is hoped that recipients now possess a comprehensive understanding of the City Party Committee’s Directive 12, in conjunction with Directive 16 issued by the Prime Minister. To ensure personal and collective safety, it is imperative to strictly adhere to these guidelines!

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