To be able to properly care for plants and avoid root rot, let's learn the following method with Bach Hoa GREEN!

first Learn about Kim Ngan tree

This plant has the English name Pachira Money Tree, they are native to Central America and South America. Grows well in swamps and tropical climates, including Vietnam

The trunk has a very strong shape, supple and naturally twisted together. Therefore, folk often call this plant a braided tree or a braided tree. Fresh green leaves grow luxuriantly, the foliage spreads as wide as the palm of a hand.

Đặc điểm cây Kim Ngân Characteristics of Kim Ngan tree

It is said that the above characteristics bring prosperity and good luck to the owner when displaying them in the house or large hall. Not only has the meaning of luck in money, the Kim Ngan tree also has the value of spirit and abundant health to reap many successes in life.

However, this lucky animal is very susceptible to infection if not cared for properly. When the plant is seriously ill and dies, you will lose your work and money to take care of it, it can even be a bad omen for .

Cây cảnh bị thối rễ Bonsai with root rot

Let's find out the causes and methods of caring for healthy plants!

2 How to prevent root rot of Kim Ngan plants


The general condition of root rot is caused by moisture differences when not properly maintained. This plant is quite weak, they easily die when watered too much or too little. When the roots are weak, pests and molds can easily penetrate and reduce the "resistance" of the plant.

How to prevent root rot

Use garlic

Not only are they good for health in food processing, they are also used as ingredients for bonsai care. Garlic contains substances that prevent the penetration of pests and molds.

  • You take 3 cloves of garlic, peel it, then use it to chop it into chunks.
  • Put the minced garlic and 2/3 water into a plastic bottle. Shake the mixture well.
  • Finally, cover and let the mixture ferment for about 1 month.

Pha nước tỏi dùng tưới cây Mix garlic water to water plants

After this period, you use garlic water to water the base of the plant twice a week. The remaining garlic you use to bury in the soil. In this way the honeysuckle will be green and strong.

Tỏi trộn với đất trồng cây Garlic mixed with soil

Use soil rich in nutrients

In addition, you can use loose and aerated soil to grow plants. Put the soil in a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom, add a little sand or gravel to ensure good drainage to prevent root rot.

3 Notes when taking care of Kim Ngan plants


In the process of caring for this plant, watering is very important. You should regulate the amount of water just enough for the plant. Do not water too much or too little. The soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings. For plants grown in room conditions, watering should be done once a week in a mist pattern. And the frequency of watering the plants outside is 1.5 weeks/time.

Planting temperature

Natural plants do well at temperatures from 10-40 degrees Celsius. Particularly for ornamental plants, they can grow at lower temperatures from 15-25 degrees Celsius. Honeysuckle likes moisture and is prone to heat shock when moving. sudden temperature. Therefore, you should put the plants in a cool room, then turn on the air conditioner so that they can easily adapt to the surrounding air.

The light

You should place the plant out of direct sunlight because it will easily burn the leaves. So, move the tree to the coolest place.

Cách chăm sóc cây Kim Ngân How to take care of Kim Ngan tree

Land for planting

Change the soil for the tree periodically every year to create conditions to help the tree live longer. Kim Ngan is not picky about soil. As long as the soil has a lot of nutrients, the plant will grow green naturally.

Combine with more aspirin

Aspirin can help prevent many diseases on ornamental plants. The use of this medicine helps prevent bacteria such as fungi, pests from entering and harming plants. During the growth period of honeysuckle, after 15 days you use a mixture of Aspirin to water the plants. This is a condition that helps promote root growth, preventing root rot caused by pests.

Hopefully, the bonsai care methods shared by Bach Khoa XANH can help you find effective ways to prevent root rot!

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