How to Dry Your Sneakers Fast Using a Clothes Dryer

Wet shoes can be a misery, but there's no need to suffer. You can dry them quickly and easily with a clothes dryer.


The shoes are used to walk on the ground. That is why many people will hesitate when hearing about how to dry sneakers in the dryer. However, if done correctly, you can still ensure hygiene and increase convenience.

Types of sneakers that can be dried in the dryer

Although the dryer is an effective way to dry shoes, not all types of shoes are suitable for this process.

Before putting shoes in the dryer, you must sort them properly to avoid damage. You should also take note of the instructions on the shoe label to see if they are suitable for tumble drying. If so, you can apply this drying method.

How to dry sneakers in the dryer is suitable for:

– Shoes made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or canvas, cotton.

– Shoes with soles made of synthetic rubber or gel.

However, how to dry sneakers fast in the dryer will not be suitable for products such as:

– Shoes made of thin fabric, genuine leather materials or suede, sports shoes that are specially designed for competition.

– Shoes with solid rubber soles, thick or heavy, shoes made of special materials like impact-resistant foam, gel…

How to dry sneakers in the dryer will help you solve the problem of damp shoes quickly. (Photo: Freshcleanlaundromat)

How to dry sneakers in the dryer

To dry shoes in the dryer quickly and effectively, you need to follow these steps:

Clean the shoes

Before putting it in the dryer, you need to clean the shoes by wiping the surface with a damp cloth to remove dirt. This helps the dryer more effectively. If your shoes are too dirty, you need to wash them with detergent or use detergent to remove any stains. You can clean your shoes under a faucet or put them in the washing machine.

Remove the laces and put paper inside

After cleaning, remove the laces but do not remove all of them but leave a few notches. Leave it for about 20 minutes to allow the shoes to dry, then stuff paper inside to support the moisture absorption and keep the shape of the shoes, especially at the heel and toe of the shoes.

Hang shoes in the dryer

Place the shoes so that the tip is facing up and the sole of the shoe is against the door of the dryer. Leave the lace part out and close the door firmly to prevent the lace from getting tangled inside.

If you want to put the shoes in the drying cage, use a towel to reduce impact and noise, avoid damaging the shoes.

Hanging shoes properly avoids putting shoes in the dryer can damage the machine when bumping or the shoes will be damaged. (Photo: wikiHow)

Set up drying mode

Select the air-dry mode instead of the heat mode to avoid damaging the material of the shoes. Set the drying time to about 40 minutes to dry the shoes completely.

After that time, check if the shoes are dry. If it is still damp, you can continue to dry for about 10 minutes. Remember not to dry too long to avoid damaging the material, especially the sole.

Although how to dry sneakers in the dryer is very effective and fast, you should not do it regularly. Each type of item has its own characteristics, so the dryer is not the optimal device for drying shoes. In force majeure situations, you need shoes to dry right away to go out before using this method.

Especially with expensive, hard-to-care-for shoes, you should go to professional shoe care stores to be supported for proper cleaning.

Some other ways to dry shoes quickly

In addition to how to dry sneakers fast in the dryer, you can also follow some of the following ways to speed up the process:

Drying shoes with a hairdryer

Using a hair dryer to dry your shoes is a simple and convenient solution, especially when you don’t have a clothes dryer. First, clean the shoes by washing or using a detergent to remove any dirt, let the shoes dry.

Set the hair dryer temperature to low or medium, dry the shoes from the inside by placing the hair dryer into the mouth of the shoe and letting it run until the inside is dry. Then, you switch to drying outside. This may take some time, but continue to dry the shoes from the top and bottom to make sure they dry evenly.

This method is suitable for thin canvas shoes and shoes with less cushioning. However, be careful with the temperature of the hair dryer to avoid damaging the material of the shoes.

Drying shoes with newspaper

To dry your shoes without using a dryer, you can use newspaper. This is a simple, fast and suitable method for many types of shoes.

First, choose clean sheets of newspaper with not much ink. Avoid using sheets with bold letters or images as they may bleed onto shoes, especially for light-colored shoes.

Peel the newspaper into small pieces and stuff them inside the shoes. Be sure to place the paper evenly and make sure each part of the shoe is filled. When the paper inside the shoes starts to get damp, replace it with new paper to continue the moisture absorption process. This helps the shoes dry faster and avoids unpleasant odors.

If you can’t dry your sneakers quickly in the dryer, you can use newspaper. (Photo: Pinterest)

To dry your shoes faster, place them in a cool, well-ventilated place. If possible, place the shoes near a window or a door that leads outside so that the wind can blow through the shoes.

With this method, you can easily dry your shoes without using a dryer, and it is especially suitable for many types of shoes from fabric to suede.

Drying shoes with coarse salt

Use regular salt or granulated salt available in the kitchen, make sure you have enough salt to use for both shoes. Roast a handful of salt in a pan over medium heat until the salt heats up (be careful not to burn or scorch the salt) and pour into two small bags or two clean socks.

Close the mouth of the bag or sock tightly, place it on both sides of the shoe, make sure the salt is evenly distributed and comes into contact with the entire inner surface of the shoe.

After about 1-2 hours, check the dryness of the shoes. If necessary, continue to place the salt bag in the shoes and continue this process until the shoes are completely dry.

Drying shoes near the air conditioner condenser

Drying shoes near the air conditioner condenser is an effective way to dry shoes quickly, especially when you need to use them right away.

– Place the shoes near the condenser of the air conditioner to take advantage of the heat emitted. However, make sure the distance between the shoes and the condenser is not too close to avoid damaging the shoes.

– Monitor the temperature of the air conditioner condenser to make sure it is not too high.

– Turn the shoes around and change their position regularly to help them dry evenly and faster.

– If it feels too hot, adjust the distance between the shoes and the air conditioner condenser to reduce the heat.

This method is suitable for canvas or cotton shoes. Avoid using on leather shoes, as the high temperature can damage or lose the natural shine of the leather.

Frequently asked questions

To dry your sneakers effectively and quickly, follow these steps: First, clean your shoes by wiping them with a damp cloth or washing them with detergent to remove any dirt. Remove the laces, leaving a few notches, and let the shoes air dry for about 20 minutes. Stuff paper into the shoes to absorb moisture and maintain their shape, focusing on the heel and toe areas. Hang the shoes in the dryer with the tips facing upwards and the soles against the door. Set the dryer to air-dry mode instead of heat mode, and dry for about 40 minutes. Check if the shoes are dry, and if not, continue for another 10 minutes. Avoid over-drying to prevent damage to the material.

Yes, there are several alternative methods to dry your sneakers quickly. You can use a hairdryer by setting it to low or medium temperature and drying the shoes from the inside out. This method is suitable for thin canvas shoes with less cushioning. Another option is to use newspaper by stuffing small pieces into the shoes to absorb moisture and prevent odors. Placing your shoes near a window or door to allow airflow is also effective. Additionally, you can use coarse salt by roasting it and placing it in small bags or clean socks, then putting them inside your shoes to absorb moisture. Lastly, drying shoes near an air conditioner condenser is an option, but monitor the temperature to avoid damage.