How to get rid of foul odor in your car during rainy season

In the rainy season, the humid air mixes with cigarette smoke, causing the car interior to have an unpleasant smell. Forgetting food or carrying smelly items can also contribute to this problem. So how can we get rid of these odors?

With many convenient features, the interior space of the car is where comfort is brought to the driver and passengers. However, during use, carelessness in eating, smoking, or leaving the car damp during the rainy season can cause many people to be haunted by unpleasant odors when entering the interior compartment. To eliminate them, let’s refer to some tips below:

In the damp rainy season, the car interior is prone to musty odor
Clean the interior compartment
This is the first step you need to take when you notice an unpleasant smell in the car’s interior compartment. Choose a sunny day or areas that are not humid to perform these steps; the sunlight also helps reduce the smell. If you have car washing tools, a vacuum cleaner, car cleaning solution, etc., you can do it yourself to save some costs. Otherwise, take your car to car wash shops or car care centers.
However, no matter which method you choose, first, you need to clean up the trash and odor-causing things such as cigarette butts, leftover food on the car. Usually, the smell originates from smoking, leftover food, sweat on the seats, spilled drinks on the car floor, or carrying smelly items in the car… In the damp rainy season, some details from the air conditioning system may be moldy and can produce an unpleasant odor.
Clean up the trash and odor-causing things in the car interior
Carry out thorough vacuuming of the entire interior compartment, paying attention to narrow gaps between seats and car floor. Use a wet cloth to wipe the entire seat and plastic surface, if the car interior is equipped with fabric seats, you can use dry soap solution specifically for washing car interior. For leather seats, use suitable leather cleaning products. When performing the cleaning, pay attention to lowering the windows to create ventilation. Take out some items such as floor mats, sunshades, dashboard covers, or car windows… for odor removal and drying in the sunlight.
After vacuuming, you should use a specialized odor remover and a humidifier or dryer to clean the remaining water on the components inside the car compartment.
Check and eliminate unpleasant odors
After cleaning up the trash and cleaning the interior, if there is still an unpleasant odor, check each detail. If the musty smell comes from the air conditioning system, the car floor… spray odor remover on the carpet, air vents, or areas where the musty smell originates. After that, start the car, turn on the air conditioning, set the fan to the highest level, and adjust to the outside air mode.
Use odor remover to eliminate odors on the car
If your car interior compartment still smells like cigarettes. Prepare a dry cotton cloth, white vinegar, and a small bowl. Soak the cotton cloth in white vinegar and put it in the bowl, place this bowl in the passenger seat area, driver’s seat area in front, or in the smelliest areas for a few hours. Doing this will help you eliminate the smell of cigarettes in the car.
If the smell comes from the engine compartment into the car compartment. Open the hood to check the air intake part of the air conditioner. If this detail smells musty or is covered with dirt, clean it, and then spray odor remover into the air intake of the air conditioner. Start the car, turn on the air conditioning and fan to the highest level to ensure that the deodorizing air has circulated in the air conditioning system. Note that depending on the conditions, the environment in which the car is used, the air filter system of the air conditioner on the car is continuously exposed to dirt, easily becoming moldy and smelly. Therefore, you should regularly maintain and replace this part.
Pay attention to the air conditioning system that can produce a musty smell
In the case of encountering unpleasant odors, you can use the following tips:
Use Baking Soda
For the smell of food, drinks, or vomit sticking to the seats, car door, or car floor… In case you have already cleaned but there is still a smell, use a little baking soda. This is a type of powder commonly used to remove odors and stains. Sprinkle some baking soda on the areas that need to be deodorized for about 3 hours, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove all of this powder and use a cloth to wipe clean.
Use coffee
The aroma from coffee beans can mask odors in the car interior. Take advantage of coffee grounds, put them in a small tray, and place them under the car floor in front, behind the passenger compartment. It would be best to leave it for at least a few hours or overnight, being careful not to spill coffee stains on the floor. The caffeine in coffee will “cover” unpleasant odors while creating a pleasant fragrance in the car interior.
Use coffee beans to mask odors in the car interior
In addition to this traditional method, you can also use scented bags, mini air purifiers, or essential oil diffusers for cars to eliminate unpleasant odors in the car interior.

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