How to Get the Most Out of Fabric Softener in Your Washing Machine

Are you looking for ways to make your clothes smelling and feeling great for an extended period of time? XANH Appliances has come up with a solution by showing you the correct way to use fabric softener in your washing machines to give your clothes a fresher scent for longer!


Benefits of Using Fabric Softener for Laundry

Using fabric softener comes with various advantages when it comes to washing clothes. Soaking clothes in fabric softener after washing helps eliminate static electricity, create a pleasant fragrance, and make the fabric fibers softer. This provides comfort and safety for the wearer’s skin.

Fabric softener also helps prevent fading of clothes when exposed to sunlight by reducing static electricity between the fabric fibers during the washing process. It further stabilizes the fabric structure, minimizing excessive shrinking of clothes after washing.

Benefits of Using Fabric Softener

Potential Drawbacks of Improper Fabric Softener Use for Washing Machines

While fabric softener has many benefits, it can also have drawbacks when used improperly:

  • Using excessive fabric softener can lead to the oil component adhering to the drain pipe of the washing machine, causing blockage.
  • Using too much fabric softener during washing requires a larger amount of water for rinsing, resulting in wastage of household water.
  • Depending on the fragrance components used, fabric softener can cause different reactions in individuals, such as respiratory problems, allergies, etc.

Drawbacks of Improper Fabric Softener Use

Guide to Proper Use of Fabric Softener

1. Limit the Amount of Fabric Softener

Using too much fabric softener can lead to blockages in the washing machine’s drainage pipe and reduce the moisture absorption capacity of clothes. It’s essential to use an appropriate amount of fabric softener for the load.

Limiting the Amount of Fabric Softener

2. Pour Fabric Softener into the Dedicated Dispenser

If your washing machine has a fabric softener compartment, pour the fabric softener directly into it. Avoid pouring it onto the clothes’ surface as it can cause bleeding and uneven distribution of the softener. For machines without a compartment, dissolve the fabric softener in water and add it to the drum after the washing cycle ends and before the rinsing cycle starts.

Pouring Fabric Softener into Dedicated Dispenser

3. Hang Clothes in the Sun after Soaking in Fabric Softener

After soaking clothes in fabric softener, it’s advisable to hang them in the sun to maintain their fragrance. Leaving them in a dark place can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold, resulting in musty-smelling clothes.

Hanging Clothes in the Sun after Soaking in Fabric Softener

4. Avoid Storing Scented Clothes for Extended Periods

Some fabric softeners contain scented beads that keep clothes fragrant. However, if clothes are soaked in fabric softener for too long, the fragrance can adversely affect the respiratory system. It’s recommended to soak clothes for about 10-15 minutes only.

Avoiding Storing Scented Clothes

5. Use Fabric Softener for a Single Wash

To prevent possible skin allergies, it’s best to use fabric softener for a single wash. Repeated soaking may lead to adverse reactions when wearing the clothes.

Using Fabric Softener for a Single Wash

6. Follow Instructions on Fabric Softener Packaging

It is crucial to read and follow the instructions provided by the fabric softener manufacturer. Each brand may have specific recommendations for usage, ensuring the most effective and efficient use of the product.

Following Instructions on Fabric Softener Packaging

We hope this guide helps you use fabric softener correctly to enhance the quality of your fabric and maintain your health!

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