How to keep lotus seeds fresh for a long time, so they remain delicious throughout the year

Fresh lotus seeds have a sweet and refreshing taste that can be used in various dishes. To preserve fresh lotus seeds for a year, follow these steps.


How to choose fresh lotus seeds

Buy fresh lotus seeds at lotus ponds

To buy the best, high-quality fresh lotus seeds, you should buy them at lotus ponds. At that time, the lotus flowers have just been picked and you can freely choose.

Buy unpeeled black lotus seeds

To ensure freshness, you should buy unpeeled lotus seeds. After that, you don’t need to wash them, just let the seeds dry under the sun. When they are dry, you can put them in a jar, in a dry place.

Choose mature lotus seeds

Mature lotus seeds will be round and firm, with a creamy white or deep yellow exterior. They will taste better when cooked compared to young lotus seeds.

Buy lotus seeds with intact lotus hearts

You will have to take the time to remove the lotus hearts, but in return, you will have an additional ingredient for making tea. Lotus heart tea has the effects of treating insomnia, nerve weakness, insomnia, and calming the mind.

How to store fresh lotus seeds

Fresh lotus seeds are only available in the summer. To store lotus seeds, you must store them properly to avoid spoilage and loss of nutrients.

Method 1:

Peel the lotus seeds, remove the lotus hearts, and divide them into small bags enough for one serving. Store them in the freezer. Take out one portion and defrost it when you want to eat. This method can help you preserve fresh lotus seeds for 4-5 months.

Method 2:

Peel the fresh lotus seeds and remove the cores. Use a toothpick to remove the lotus hearts. Absolutely do not wash with water. It is recommended to buy lotus seeds with intact husks to avoid water soaking. This way, they can be preserved for a longer time.

After peeling the lotus seeds, sun dry them 3-5 times until completely dry. Then, put them in a clean jar with a lid, and keep them in a dry, well-ventilated place. During usage, you can sun dry the lotus seeds again to prevent mold. Alternatively, you can use a dehydrator to quickly and conveniently dry the lotus seeds.

According to Khỏe&đẹp (Health&Beauty)

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