Ideas for Decorating Your Living Room for Autumn

Are you ready for autumn? Transform your living room into a cozy and inviting space with these inspiring autumn living room decoration ideas.


Simple Changes

Sometimes, making just a few simple changes can add warmth to your space in the fall. If you prefer a neutral color scheme, this is the perfect fall living room decorating idea to recreate in your space.

Start by adding a faux fall tree in the corner of your living room to add height. Then, incorporate cozy patterned pillows onto your long couch. For your coffee table, add some artificial fall foliage.

Orange Accent

If you want to incorporate warm orange accents into your space, begin by adding cozy orange velvet pillows to your long couch. Enhance the atmosphere by placing a woven basket on your coffee table or long couch, along with a warm orange faux plant, black candles, and a small corn husk. The orange color will also add depth and warmth to your living room.

Beautiful living room decorating ideas for fall
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Neutral Minimalist Decor

A minimalist living room decor style can create a cozy feeling. When aiming for a minimalist look, it’s important to work with the items you already have and make small changes to avoid cluttering your space with too many decorative items.

A simple and beautiful way to achieve this is by swapping out your artwork with a beautiful fall print. Complete the decor with a faux plant on your coffee table and some lightly patterned pillows on your long couch.

Fall-Themed Console Decor

If you have a console table in your living room placed against a wall, this is another great space to add some fall decor. Consider adding a small fall-themed painting arranged as a collage and utilize a large mirror as a focal point for the room.

On your coffee table, stack some books and use a vase or small plant to add life to the room.

Beautiful living room decorating ideas for fall
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Fall Coffee Table Decor

In the fall, you’ll want to decorate your coffee table with a light and airy feel but plenty of warm tones, such as burnt orange, light brown, rustic gold, and creamy white.

To recreate this fall living room decor idea, add a vase with faux roses and greenery. Include a simple bowl or rustic vase and a copper accent decor. If your coffee table is large enough, you could even add a stack of books and a scented candle to create a signature scent for your living room.

Shelf Decor

The living room shelf is the perfect space to add some fall accents to your space. Consider adding faux fall leaves to bring the outdoor feel inside. Additionally, you can utilize wooden shelves to create warmth and harmony in your living room.

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