Ideas to create a landscape for the swimming pool

The following small suggestions will help you get more ideas to decorate your swimming pool.


1. Tropical swimming pool

If you want to build a tropical pool, decorate the surrounding pool landscape with tall, tall tropical plants like areca, bamboo, and small plants like ferns and green lawns.

2. Urban swimming pool

Limited by a narrower area than rural areas, urban houses face many difficulties in building swimming pools and creating beautiful swimming pool landscapes.

The rows of green trees are probably the most popular and reasonable choice because trees help to regulate the air so you have the most comfortable swimming and relaxing space.

3. Outdoor swimming pool

For homes near the beach or lakeside, don't limit the family pool to the backyard. Direct your pool towards the scenic landscape outside.

Here, you do not have to spend too much effort and money to invest in artificial landscape decoration. It is the lakeside, green trees.. is the best background to make your swimming pool naturally beautiful.


4. Villa swimming pool

This small swimming pool idea seems to be suitable for villas in the mountains because you can take advantage of local stones and gravel to build swimming pools and build small poetic miniature corners like wild mountains. wild.

5. Swimming pool in the backyard

This is another type of urban swimming pool placed in the backyard to ensure privacy and create a quiet resting space for the owner of the house.

7. Swimming pool with walls and high platform

Swimming pools with high walls and platforms are a good way to ensure the hygiene of the pool water from the sand in the ground flying into the pool with the wind and rain.

In terms of landscape design, the high pool deck is the ideal place to place a lounge chair or lounge chair.

8. Summer swimming pool

You will always feel the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere when taking a dip in the swimming pool on hot days. Think lots of trees, parasols, benches, and brightly colored flower pots.

This creates a natural and subtle color palette for the space and is convenient for viewing the outside of the house.


9. Swimming pool in the big garden

The large garden is the ideal condition for you to make a large swimming pool. But to have a swimming pool that is not only large and beautiful, you should choose a garden with a beautiful view and convenient in traveling to build a swimming pool.

Landscape renovation can be done after building the swimming pool with ornamental plants and decorative stones.

10. Long swimming pool next to the house

If your housing space is limited and you also do not plan to hold a pool party in the future, do not hesitate, treat the pool water and choose to design a long swimming pool and limited width.

This type of pool has a limited area, but it is enough to meet your swimming preferences. With long swimming pools next to the house, you can make a tall pool cover and make a small sprinkler system to create natural sounds and scenery for the water tank.

Besides, trees are also a major decoration in every home landscape design in general and swimming pool landscape design in particular.


11. Waterfall Pool

A waterfall will instantly transform your calm and peaceful pool into a vibrant and exciting area like never before.

The waterfall in the swimming pool will make the swimming pool space impressive and attractive. The sound of flowing water of the waterfall will give homeowners a feeling of relaxation and relieve stress.

12. Indoor swimming pool with glass all around

When designing indoor swimming pools, attention should be paid to ensuring that the space is airy and has enough light. In particular, the requirements for bearing capacity and penetration are very important.

This will help your housing not be affected by the pool, not degraded when the pool exerts force on it.

The glass windows and glass doors make the swimming pool space more modern and luxurious. At the same time, creating a beautiful view allows you to comfortably watch and enjoy the surrounding scenery while relaxing in the swimming pool.

Not only that, the surrounding glass helps to create an effective reflection effect, helping you to eliminate the lack of light, which is often encountered by indoor swimming pools.

During the day, you do not need to use lights because even though it is an indoor swimming pool design, the light still shines in to create a bright and airy space.

According to VOV