If you find it difficult to sleep, check immediately if you are making the following mistakes

Many people often make basic bedroom decorating mistakes that make their private space messy, unsightly and, importantly, affect sleep.


The duvet set is too colorful

The bed is where we will directly sleep all night long, so the color of the bedding has a great influence on your spirit. A set of blankets with unique patterns and outstanding colors will surely be loved by everyone, but it is not suitable for the sleeping place, it will make you more distracted and difficult to fall asleep. , you should choose light and monochromatic colors such as white, cream, or soft paste, it will help you feel relaxed and easy to get a good night's sleep.

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Be picky when choosing the style of bed, wardrobe

Do not be too picky in choosing a wardrobe bed, do not require it to have a unique design, or the head of the bed must be carved extremely delicately. It will cost you a large amount, sometimes up to several hundred million, and it will make it difficult to choose the right style bedding for such a special bed. A good quality bed with a simple design saves you a lot of money and also gives you flexibility in the way you decorate your bed and bedroom.

The style of the bedroom is the place that accurately reveals your personality. Decorate your bedroom with pictures you love, it doesn't have to be expensive. You can completely DIY your own unique wall photo frames.

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Keep electronic devices near your bed

The radiation emitted from electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones will affect the nervous system making it difficult to sleep, so keep them as far away from the bed as possible. . If you forget to turn off the sound, maybe in the middle of the night you will have to wake up because of the alarm of your phone. The surface of these devices also contains a lot of bacteria, so it will stick to your bedding, and then cling to your face.

8 lỗi cơ bản trong trang trí phòng ngủ mà nhiều người hay mắc phải - Ảnh 7.

Get into the habit of tidying up the sheets and making the bed tidy after waking up, no one wants to see the messy bedroom with blankets and pillows scattered around, or the pile of dirty clothes piled up like a mountain. An untidy room that is too cluttered will accumulate a lot of bacteria that affect your health, so take some time after waking up to clean them up neatly and you don't have to worry if suddenly suddenly have a visitor.

Using curtains that are too thick or too thin

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You should not choose curtains that are too thick or too thin

Curtains are an indispensable item in the bedroom. They are both decorative and help bring privacy to the room. However, if the curtains are too thick, they will block all the light from entering the room. So it will make your room more gloomy. The advice is that you should choose curtains with sufficient thickness, can use 2-layer curtains to prevent natural light from entering your bedroom.

Arrange too much furniture in the bedroom

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The bedroom should be furnished with moderate furniture so that the space is not cramped and cramped

Bedrooms are usually small, so don't put too many things because it will make the room look cluttered and cramped. In the bedroom should only put things that are absolutely necessary. Except for the bed, wardrobe, dressing table, etc., you should not leave too many things with a large area in the room such as tables, chairs, …

Using too brightly colored walls

8 lỗi cơ bản trong trang trí phòng ngủ mà nhiều người hay mắc phải - Ảnh 10.

Colors in the bedroom should use neutral colors that will be more suitable for relaxation and rest than colorful hot colors.

Many people often break the way by choosing too prominent bedroom wall paint colors. But it's better to avoid too prominent wall paint colors such as red, orange, bright yellow, purple… These colors often look a bit harsh and will make your room hotter. Instead, you should choose gentle tones such as white, gray, gray, light pink, light blue, light yellow, etc. Of course, you also need to choose the right furniture for the room.

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