Impressive home wall decoration from wooden boxes

Wooden boxes with different sizes will help you bring a beautiful, youthful and convenient beauty to your living space.


1. Wooden box "display" souvenirs

Choose from 2-3 wooden boxes with equal area, wallpaper inside with striking colors to create accents on the wall.

Cleverly "display" the decorations inside the box, adding the light of the wall lights to help the small corner in your room more delicate and impressive.

2. Wooden box instead of hangers for a neater aisle

Before installing the wooden box on the wall of the house entrance, you can imagine in advance what your family needs to store furniture and items in this small area.

Once you have "imagined", you will measure to choose the "qualified" boxes.

Attaching boxes with your many creative ideas, not only helps to keep items such as coats, sunscreens, umbrellas, helmets… neatly organized, but also gives the entrance a strange beauty. eye, impression.

3. Wooden jewelry storage box

Your jewelry has a whole collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, clothing accessories… will be hung on each wall-mounted wooden box.

Depending on the number of jewelry and accessories for you to choose the size as well as the number of boxes.

Pay attention to the color of the wooden boxes, you should choose simple colors, with gentle colors to cleverly show off your lovely collection and help them stand out on the wall.


4. Bathroom wall boxes

Before attaching the box to the bathroom wall, you need to determine the location and purpose of mounting the box. The position of the wall of the bathroom is quite limited because it is installed with many specialized items and utensils.

Therefore, choose the most airy and dry place to install the box on the wall. Having a great advantage over shelves, boxes that are almost like drawers will help you neatly store more things both inside and above the box.

To make the space more spacious, you should choose a compact box size, cleverly mounted vertically on the wall. With the bathroom, you only need to choose light, simple colors to relax the small corner without being confused, beautiful, gentle and delicate.

5. Box mounted on the living room wall

The wall where the TV is placed in the living room is also a place often used to install boxes.

Choose them in a variety of sizes, with impressive colors to help you cleverly show off your decorative accessories collections on the wall.

Usually, the box is painted in the same tone as the accent color of the room to create a perfect color connection.

6. Box mounted on the wall of the nursery

In the baby's room, the boxes no longer play the role of decoration but are used as one of the main furniture.

Surely the room of the little angels will have countless small and sundries such as toys, school supplies, souvenirs, books…

Attach large boxes to the wall near the bed, so that your baby can freely display the things on the box neatly and neatly.

7. Combine boxes to create bookshelves

Choose a main use so you can choose from equal or different sized boxes depending on the decoration idea to mount the box on the wall.

You can choose the wall of the living room, the office or the wall near the balcony to mount the boxes with outstanding colors.

Surely mounting the box on the wall will help you add space to "send" good books, make the room more beautiful and eye-catching thanks to your ingenuity.

8. Attach the long box as a storage place in the dining room

The family dining room can be small in size. The use of wall cabinets will be quite a waste of finance as well as occupying a lot of unnecessary space of the room.

When the furniture and items in the dining room are not very much, the option of choosing long shelves with equal sizes cleverly and firmly attached to the wall near the dining table will be a very reasonable idea.

Choose a box with a moderate depth, enough for you to neatly place bowls, plates, paper trays or other necessary items for daily family meals.

9. Attach a wooden storage box in the kitchen

Kitchens of small apartments, often maximize the use of space. Therefore, wooden boxes can play their role effectively when mounted on the wall.

Besides the system of cabinets under the floor, the wooden boxes that are cleverly mounted on the stove or sink, not only help you store a lot of furniture and cooking tools, but also make the space beautiful and fancy.


10. Boxes create green walls

Old wooden boxes with quite large size, you should take advantage of them with the function of creating a green, lush wall for the small outdoor corner of the family.

Just add a net to the top of the wooden box, leave the soil inside and plant your favorite plants. With this green wall, you should note that you should choose ornamental plants and flowers that need little care, watering to limit the amount of soil that is easily washed down to dirty the wall every time you water the plants.

Attach the box to the wall on the porch or balcony, both saving floor space and helping people always feel the fresh and refreshing air when being close to nature and plants.

According to VOV