Life experience you need to know before turning middle age

The period of 40-50 years old and on is the time when you should apply valuable life insights and experiences to make life the most comfortable and convenient for you.


1. Focus on your work

When you enter this age, you are wise enough to understand that life choices are up to you. You don't have to put yourself under the scrutiny of others to feel better about yourself.

Do what's best for you and don't pay attention to what other people say. Once you have faith in your will, you will have the power to change your life.

2. Control sadness, grief

When we are young, every failure is easy to knock us down, bringing with it heavy feelings, as if we will never be able to recover. Ultimately, though, being upset can help you feel better.

Science has proven that a combination of emotions such as happiness and sadness can improve our mental health and at the same time bring more meaning to our lives.

Not everything goes as expected. What determines our resilience is how we react to the outcome. Therefore, prioritize self-improvement, instead of just stubbornly pursuing the "always happy" version.

3. Spend time with friends

Adult schedules are much busier, with meetings, work deadlines, picking up kids, grocery shopping, etc. Dozens of tasks make it easy to forget the last time. can have fun with friends.

Make it a priority for yourself to get some rest and plan necessary get-togethers with the people you love while you still can.

4. Accept imperfections

The current era is favoring progressive ideas, such as motivating, inspiring others or accepting yourself. Everyone has a point of dissatisfaction about themselves, that should not be what makes you dissatisfied.

When we are young, our perception of our appearance is susceptible to unrealistic beauty standards. You are now mature enough to be comfortable loving and being proud of your body and color.

5. Wealth is only material

The feeling of receiving a package or shopping at the store is a great thing. However, over time, the joy and excitement quickly fade and you realize that they are just inanimate objects.

Moreover, the bills or debts behind each "free" spending is the pressure to spend and save. Instead of trying to own more things, you can spend the same amount of time and effort doing more meaningful things, especially things that can help and add value to more people. around.

6. Show your worth

When we were young, we used to think that if we work hard, everything will turn out okay. But sometimes, we also need to be more proactive so that the situation changes in our favor.

Participating more actively in discussions, coming up with new ideas in the workplace, and limiting self-containment are all good ideas to show your potential.

You can even ask your boss to consider a more deserving raise. These changes can all bring unexpected good results.

7. Prioritize using sunscreen every day

If you feel that your morning skincare routine is taking up too much time, it's time to rethink the products you use. Among the wide range of cosmetics, not all of them are really necessary and effective.

You need to prioritize products that are really important like sunscreen. Just equip a layer of this cream, your skin has been very well protected, brighter and healthier without spending too much time.

8. Accepting the address given to the elderly

You might be waiting in line at the supermarket, holding the elevator door for someone, or even getting your morning coffee and being greeted by age-appropriate titles like “sir, madam.” ".

Not everyone is comfortable with being seen as an older person. However, this is completely normal in the context of communication with unfamiliar people. Take this as a sign of respect from the other party and do not need to think too much.

9. Persistence is your new “asset”

As you age, even simple activities like getting ready for work, exercising, or even taking time for yourself take a lot of effort.

You may not have the same experience, network of acquaintances or financial resources as others, but your resilience and perseverance can make a huge difference.

One of the most essential "assets" in this stage is confidence in yourself and the determination to execute the plan you have set.

10. There's no place like home

This is the time when you can calmly put aside the fear of missing out on the fun or not keeping up with new information outside. Many people often prefer the feeling of spending the weekend relaxing and taking care of themselves at home.

Light activities at home like remodeling furniture or appliances, gardening or reading can be the highlight and best part of your day.

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