Noisy and Shaky Washing Machine: The 99% Common Mistake Housewives Make

There are five fundamental reasons that lead to the shaking and loud noises of the washing machine you are using.


Washing machines that vibrate and shake strongly during washing are common issues in households using washing machines. However, if this condition occurs with a large amplitude, meaning the washing machine vibrates too strongly or makes loud noises, then it is certain that the washing machine has encountered some problems that you need to check.

There are 5 basic reasons that lead to the vibrating and loud noises of the washing machine you are using:

– The number of clothes put into the machine exceeds the allowed washing capacity, causing overload and imbalance during operation. This is the most common mistake that many people make by stuffing as many clothes as possible into the machine to wash all at once for convenience. This habit not only damages the washer but also causes the clothes to not be thoroughly cleaned.

– The washing machine is not placed in a balanced position, causing the drum to be tilted, unbalanced, and resulting in noise from the drum hitting the outer shell of the machine.

– Clothes are piled up in one corner, causing imbalance, making the drum hit the machine’s casing, creating loud noises and strong vibrations.

– Strange objects in the machine hitting the drum, causing unusual noises.

– Technical issues such as a bent washing shaft, faulty shock absorbers, incorrectly assembled load-bearing devices, faulty motor for rotating the washing drum, overlapping belts… are also the “culprits” that lead to this condition.

Vibrating washing machine that sounds like it's about to break due to the 99% common mistake

The number one cause of vibrating washing machines is due to their improper placement, causing the drum to be tilted, unbalanced, and resulting in noise.

If the cause originates from a technical fault, you need to contact the warranty center immediately for timely and proper repair.

In case the washing machine vibrates and makes loud noises due to minor issues, you can fix them by following these steps:

– Check whether the machine is placed on a balanced surface or not. If the surface is not balanced, you should move the washing machine to a balanced position or reinforce its position firmly with bricks, wooden bars, etc.

– Although washing machines have a maximum washing capacity stated in kilograms, experts recommend that users only wash about 2/3 of the rated load to ensure the efficiency and durability of the machine. Especially when washing thick clothes, the washing load should be less than 2/3 of the rated load. On the other hand, if there are too few clothes to wash, it is not advisable to wash them yet, as it will not only consume electricity and water but also easily cause strong vibrations.

– Users should separate and arrange clothes in the same direction before putting them into the washing machine, avoiding tangled clothes. In doing so, clothes will not only be wrinkled and less durable, but they can also be piled up in one corner, causing the washing drum to be misaligned and creating loud noises.

– Check whether the water level is close to the washing drum during each washing cycle. If the water is insufficient, you can open the washing machine door and add water before the washing cycle, or call a repairman for assistance.

– Before washing, check the washing drum and clothes to remove any foreign objects such as stones, iron pieces, etc., which can get stuck in the clothes. Avoid drum collisions with foreign objects, causing noise and reducing the lifespan of the machine.


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