Proper Purchasing and Usage of Fresh Milk

Are you looking for helpful tips on how to use fresh milk correctly? Check out the article below to make the most of this essential fridge item!


– The expiration date printed on milk labels is actually the “sell-by” date. Most types of milk can maintain their quality for about a week after this date if stored properly.

– Choose milk with a longer expiration date for better freshness.

– Store milk in the coldest and darkest part of the refrigerator, as direct light can affect its flavor.

– To prevent milk contamination, make sure to tightly close the bottle cap after each use.

– Freezing milk does not affect its quality but may reduce its creaminess.

– Skim milk has a higher calcium content than whole milk because the calcium is present in the water part, not the butter part.

– Sour milk is not suitable for drinking but can still be used in baking recipes.

– If a baking recipe calls for buttermilk and you only have fresh milk, you can substitute sour cream by adding 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar to 240ml of fresh milk and letting it sit for 10 minutes.

– When heating fresh milk, avoid heating it directly on the stove. If you can’t heat it indirectly, rinse the pot with a splash of cold water before pouring the milk to prevent sticking and scorching.

– To prevent milk from boiling over, spread a layer of butter on the edge of the pot.

– Once milk has scorched, its flavor cannot be salvaged.

– To prevent a film from forming on the surface of heated milk, either cover it tightly after heating or stir the pot to create bubbles.

– Milk will curdle when added to foods with a lot of acid, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, or wine.

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