Quick and easy microwave cleaning hack using lemons or vinegar

Cleaning the microwave is a necessary and recommended task to be done regularly during the week. So, how can you clean your microwave quickly and effectively?

Modern lifestyles have shortened the time spent in the kitchen for many families. Microwave ovens have become an essential tool for homemakers. Heating up food, defrosting food… are common tasks for this appliance.
Because of these special tasks, daily microwave ovens accumulate a lot of bacteria that can be harmful to human health if not cleaned regularly and correctly.

Regular cleaning of microwave oven is necessary to protect your family’s health Thuy Duong

Here, Thanh Nien would like to introduce to you some time-saving and safe microwave oven cleaning tips, without worrying about residual chemicals if not cleaned properly!
1 teaspoon of vinegar or 1 lemon
VIDEO: Easy microwave oven cleaning