Quick and easy microwave cleaning tips using lemon or vinegar

Cleaning the microwave is a necessary and regular task that should be done each week. So how can you clean your microwave quickly and effectively?

The fast-paced modern lifestyle has shortened the amount of time families spend in the kitchen. The microwave has become an essential tool for homemakers. Warming up food, defrosting food… are tasks that this appliance often performs.
Because of these specific tasks, the daily use of microwave ovens accumulates many bacteria that can be harmful to human health if not cleaned regularly and properly.

Cleaning the microwave regularly is necessary to keep your family healthy Thùy Dương
Below, Thanh Nien would like to introduce to you some time-saving yet safe tips for cleaning your microwave oven, without the worry of residue from chemical cleaners!
1 tablespoon of vinegar or 1 lemon
VIDEO: Easy microwave cleaning

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