“Receive Hot Gifts Instantly – Great Tips For Ladies”

Do you find yourself wishing for more time in the day to take better care of yourself and your loved ones? A new contest may be able to help you achieve just that. Aiming to help women save time on household chores, it provides a helpful tip for ladies looking to prioritize self-care.


Useful Tips for Women Contest

In the digital age, there are numerous ways for people to share their family stories and find support and advice from appropriate groups. This is especially true on various forums and platforms like Facebook.

However, the abundance of groups can sometimes make it difficult to find authentic information and experiences from the most knowledgeable individuals. This is why aFamily, in collaboration with the Sharp brand, is hosting the “Useful Tips for Women” contest, targeting everyone, particularly women.

The aim of the “Useful Tips for Women” contest is to assist women in saving time on household chores, enabling them to allocate more time to themselves and their families.

Useful Tips for Women

Moreover, participants who share their own useful experiences will have the chance to win a brand new Sharp washing machine with the Eco Drum feature, which prevents mold and effectively eliminates odors. There are a total of 4 washing machines to be awarded, distributed evenly throughout the different stages of the competition. Additionally, the useful tips shared by participating women will be selected and compiled into an e-book consisting of 100 practical tips to be given to women as a guide to building a happier life. The contest will focus on 4 main themes:

Theme 1 (18/01 – 02/02): Useful Tips for Tet (Lunar New Year) and Laundry

With the approach of another new year, how can we simplify the process of cleaning and decorating our homes, particularly when there is still a mountain of year-end work at the office? These valuable tips will greatly assist you in giving your home a fresh look for the Spring. Additionally, under the “Laundry Tips” theme, you will discover effective methods for dealing with accidental stains on new clothes or maintaining a shiny floor. All of these tips will be shared and tested within this theme.

Useful Tips for Women

Theme 2 (15/02 – 24/02): Delicious Cooking Tips

During this theme, we will gather a collection of cooking and kitchen tips to make you view cooking in the kitchen as a joyful and engaging activity, rather than a burdensome or challenging task.

Theme 3 (29/2 – 13/03): Useful Tips in the Kitchen

How can you always feel confident when stepping into the kitchen? Can you control and become a true “master chef”? Certainly, with these handy kitchen tips, cooking will become an enjoyable daily task.

Are you ready to participate in the contest and win exciting prizes? Prepare your “1-0-2” tips to bring to the competition! The submission portal will open on January 18th, so get ready to win prizes for your home!

Useful Tips for Women
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