Recruiting Content Writers and Operators for Electronic Content Management at

Are you excited to join our team and make more informative and insightful? Then we are looking for YOU! We are on the search for passionate and talented Content Collaborators that can help elevate our platform to the next level with their creativity and expert knowledge. In addition, successful candidates will enjoy a range of amazing benefits.


1 Content – Article Writing

Quantity: 3 – 5

Job Description

  • Manage a team of article writers (at least 15 writers);
  • Organize article assignments for writers and monitor their writing progress;
  • Approve articles after writers have completed them;
  • Perform tasks related to support & additional tasks during work process.

Reference link: Content – Article Writing


  • Passionate about writing, have good writing skills;
  • Prioritize experience in team management;
  • Have a sense of responsibility for work, adhere to deadlines;
  • Have a personal computer for work;
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop, Canva tools.

2 Content – Website Content Operation

Quantity: 3 – 5

Job Description

  • Be responsible for product content on the website;
  • Consolidate product information from real products, refer to product information from various sources. Ensure that all information is accurate and resonates with the viewers;
  • Collaborate with relevant departments in operating the website;
  • Participate in the process of producing product images (Ideate product image set, collaborate with photography team and edit images to create high-quality product images);
  • Perform tasks related to support & additional tasks during work process

Reference link: Content – Website Content Operation


  • Male/Female;
  • Educational level: College/Bachelor/Other;
  • Experience in Copywriting, Website Content, writing experiential/introductory product content is an advantage;
  • Ability to think creatively, work independently and work in a team;
  • Have a personal laptop;
  • Creative and hardworking.

3 Benefits

Apply to both positions

  • Salary as agreed;
  • Receive product knowledge training from major brands;
  • Receive training in website-related tools;
  • Develop team management and time management skills;
  • Have the opportunity to have a long-term commitment to the company.