Should I replace the high-capacity battery for iPhone?

Is high-capacity battery good for iPhone? Should you replace your iPhone's high-capacity battery? Let's find out in the article below.


Compared to its competitors, the iPhone falls behind in terms of battery capacity. Therefore, high-capacity batteries have been introduced to overcome this disadvantage. So, is a high-capacity battery good or should you replace your iPhone’s battery with a high-capacity one? This is a question that many people wonder.

A high-capacity battery is a type of battery that has about 25-30% more capacity than the standard iPhone battery. Thanks to this, the usage time and lifespan of the battery are also improved.

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Advantages of high-capacity batteries

– Longer usage time.

– Stable power source for better device performance.

– Improved power outage due to low battery.

– Better battery performance improves device overheating.

Disadvantages of high-capacity batteries

– No certification from Apple.

– Prone to explosion if low-quality batteries are purchased.

– Counterfeit products and rampant issues frequently occur in the market.

– Higher price compared to regular batteries.

Should you replace your iPhone’s battery with a high-capacity one?

Should you replace your iPhone’s battery with a high-capacity one? The answer is yes if you purchase batteries from reputable and quality brands. Products from well-known brands are rigorously tested to minimize the risk of explosions. Therefore, you can rest assured when using these products.

Currently, there are many counterfeit products in the market. Replacing your battery with a high-capacity one of unknown origin can be dangerous. Therefore, before replacing your iPhone’s battery, you should choose reputable places that are trusted by many customers.

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