Styles that make you look 20 years older

Any girl wants to look young and attractive, so refer to the tips below to avoid making style mistakes that make you look older than your age.


1. Wear black from head to toe

Black can make you look elegant and sophisticated. But if you want to make yourself look young and healthy, avoid wearing black from head to toe. In particular, black can create a deep contrast to your skin tone, thus highlighting imperfections such as wrinkles and dark circles. So, if you're going to dress up for a party or outing, make sure you opt for brighter colors to make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Wearing too loosely

By the time you gain a little bit of weight, you tend to choose loose clothing to hide this shortcoming. However, you need to be careful when choosing clothes that are too big for your body. Clothes that are larger than your size can make you look chubby. So make sure you always choose the right clothes for you.

3. Wearing a skirt that is too long

No matter how much you love them, consider not wearing them when you enter your 20s. Long skirts make your limbs look bulky. In addition, they will also make you add a few unnecessary years of age. So how can we fix this? You just need to change your style a bit, you can choose dresses that reach the calf or reach the knee. They will be suitable for the youthful and dynamic of 20-year-old girls.


4. Use glasses with thin frames

You often use thin frames because you think they are designed to be very delicate and sophisticated. But thin frames are not suitable for 20s. Instead, you should use bold eyeglasses that are black and help highlight monolids.

So if you are thinking of buying a thin metal frame, don't. It is exclusively for the elderly of the current generation. Also, while shopping for frames for your glasses, don't just buy the first one that you see. Try some of them so you have more choices.

5. Buy things that are not suitable for your age

Most people want to look younger than their actual age. But trying to look younger shouldn't mean buying teen clothes. In doing so, you will look older than your actual age because the contrast between your age and the clothes you are wearing becomes too far.

Or it will make you look funny in a teen suit. Instead, to look younger, wear clothes that really suit your age, giving you separate rooms that fit the trend.

6. Using inappropriate high heels

Your choice of shoes can easily determine whether your outfit is good or bad. Therefore, it is better for you not to choose the shoes that are trending right now, but to choose a pair of shoes that are suitable for your clothes, age and weight.

For example, blocky, slim heels are not suitable for women with oversized feet. Or shoes that are too large are not suitable for those with small and thin feet.

In addition, if you feel that choosing high heels is too difficult, you can switch to choosing to buy sports shoes, they are both easy to wear and help you cover the defects of your feet. In addition, choosing sports shoes is also very suitable for the energy of the 20s.


7. Wear a thin scarf

One of the most popular clothing accessories of the '60s was the silk scarf around the neck. Today, however, this can make you look oddly unfashionable and vintage. However, if you can't "break up" your favorite silk scarf, consider using it as a hair band, bracelet, or tassel on your handbag instead of using them to cover your head. .

8. Using too many accessories

When you go to a party, you choose a white dress that is very suitable for your 20s. In addition, to make yourself stand out, you use many accessories such as: earrings, necklace, bracelets, watches, bracelets, bows… Using too many accessories makes you look cumbersome. Therefore, you should only use 1 or 2 necessary accessories for different types of outfits.

According to VOV