Tell you how to choose a hundred delicious chicken like a raw chicken or pre-meat chicken

Chicken is an indispensable dish on Tet, but if you choose the wrong chicken, the dishes will be very bad.


To have a meal with delicious chicken dishes, the first condition, you must choose for yourself a delicious chicken. However, this is not a small challenge for most women. On the food forum, many sisters told each other how to choose delicious chicken to make the Tet tray more complete.

How to choose raw chicken



Tasty roosters have bright red crests, flexible eyes.

Rooster is an indispensable dish on the Tet tray, especially the New Year's Eve offering. According to experienced women, a rooster has firm, delicious meat, a chicken with a bright red crest, flexible eyes, and not lethargy.

Holding 2 chickens of the same size, you find that the chicken feels heavier, that chicken has firmer meat.

The fur is smooth, close to the body. The beak is sharp, there is no slime in the beak. Chicken legs are straight, slender; The skin of the feet is golden and shiny. The cock must be short because if it is long, it means that the chicken is old.

The chicken feathers are marked with thin, soft skin, lightly squeezed on the chicken body, it is firm, not mushy, there are some large yellow streaks under the breast and wings. Under the chicken's wings and armpits, you can see meat, and blood rays show that the chicken is firm and free of fat. The chicken kite is not tense, it means that the chicken is healthy.



Should choose hens that have laid 1-2 litters to make the meat firm and sweet.

On the culinary forum, Ms. Le Trang is a fan of hens because of their fragrant meat and golden skin.

Trang's experience of choosing a living hen is to choose laying hens, the crest is bright red without drooping, the breast part is yellow, the breast is narrow but firm, the skin on the wings will be darker yellow.

Ms. Trang chooses animals with small legs like Ms. Tam and long beaks. If the hill chickens are stocked a lot, the beak will be blunt because the chickens go looking for food to peck on a lot of gravel, their ankles or red nests. The part of the float is big because the hen lays it, it will get bigger. If anyone doesn't like old chickens, choose the one with the baby float that hasn't been laid yet. Ms. Trang notes that you absolutely do not choose the ones with black dots.

Ready-made broiler chicken


One of the secrets to choosing a good peck chicken is to check the chicken's neck.

For delicious chicken, you should choose chickens that have light yellow, thin, smooth, high elasticity and only dark yellow in some places such as breast, wings, and back. Ready-made chickens usually have a compact, toned body with a narrow breast.

Good chicken has meat that should look fresh, the meat should not have a bad smell, and there should be no bruises or blood clots on the skin. If you want to buy good chicken, you should not choose black chicken because it is a dead chicken before making.

Use your hand to press the chicken body, chicken breast or thigh to check, if the meat is firm, the chicken is good. And if the meat is pasty, slippery, deformed, concave with a lot of water, it means that the chicken injected with water is sometimes mixed with borax. Absolutely do not buy this chicken, to avoid affecting health.

One of the secrets to choosing a good peck chicken is to check the chicken's neck. If the neck has a shiny color without hematomas, or tiny red nodules, it is a healthy and delicious chicken. On the contrary, if the neck skin has an abnormal color, it is a sick chicken, you should not choose.

To know if the chicken is dyed or not, observe, if the chicken skin is yellow but the fat inside is white, it is a chemically dyed chicken.

In addition, to avoid buying water pump chicken, please pay attention, use your hand to press on the suspected water pump position (mainly thighs, breast) to check, if it is pasty, slippery or deformed, do not buy it. .

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