The best position to install indoor cameras for easy detection of intruders.

Have you ever wondered where the best spot to install indoor cameras is to easily detect intruders?


Installing security surveillance cameras for your home is a very useful measure to protect your property, security, and the members of your family.

If you have a large house and plan to install multiple surveillance cameras, you should choose the locations in advance for installation. However, if you plan to install 1-2 cameras, you should consider prioritizing the preferred locations to ensure maximum security in your home.

Below are the best positions for installing cameras inside the house to easily detect criminals.

Main entrance

34% of burglars use the front door to break into a house, which is also the place where burglars are likely to attack you. Furthermore, if a burglar breaks into a window or back door, they will still use the front door to escape with your valuable belongings.

An entrance gate camera will help you control everyone entering and exiting your house, including family members, babysitters, maintenance personnel, and delivery people.

Note that when installing the camera, avoid aiming it against the light. If possible, position it straight towards the outside of the door. Do not place the camera directly on the door as it will only capture the head of the person entering. Instead, install the camera diagonally next to the door.

Do you already know the best positions to install cameras inside your house for easy detection of criminals?

Back door

For the back door, it is recommended to use ceiling-mounted cameras for a better panoramic view, as the backyard is usually not spacious. If there are windows or a back door in your house, you should install surveillance cameras near those areas. The reason is that burglars may choose to enter from these blind spots to avoid being detected by passing vehicles or pedestrians.

In fact, every door in the house, such as the attic door and balcony door, should be equipped with security surveillance cameras, as these are places where criminals can break in.

Living room

The living room is not only the place where guests frequently enter and exit, but also the place where important discussions, contracts, and business matters take place. It is a significant area where various valuable and high-value items are displayed. Therefore, the living room is a crucial space in the house that needs to be monitored by surveillance cameras.

In the event of a theft, when taking large and bulky-sized items, thieves will have to pass through the living room area to reach the main door. The camera footage will capture the image of the thief, which can be provided to the investigating authorities for a quick arrest.

Placing cameras in central areas such as the kitchen or living room is an excellent way to easily observe all the activities taking place in your home.


For multi-story houses, the staircase is a mandatory passage if you want to reach the upper floors. You can install surveillance cameras on the staircase, positioned in a way that allows clear facial recognition of individuals ascending the stairs.

Since the staircase serves as a transition between different levels of the house, it needs to be monitored and observed to prevent intruders from entering.

Yard and fence

You should install surveillance cameras that cover both the yard and the fence. It is advisable to position the cameras in a way that provides a comprehensive view, as these are sensitive areas that need to be controlled within your family.

In the yard, you should use outdoor bullet cameras with infrared support to monitor against night-time theft. If you only want to install cameras surrounding the area, you can use cameras with a longer infrared observation range.


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