The Magic of Keeping Peppercorns Under Your Bed

Introducing a time-honored tradition with a spicy twist - placing peppercorns under your bed! This age-old remedy is a natural way to freshen up your sleep sanctuary. The peppercorns work their magic by repelling insects and absorbing unpleasant odors, creating a clean and soothing environment conducive to a good night's rest.


Black peppercorns are a great, natural way to keep your home fresh and pest-free. Due to their small size, it is recommended to place them in a disposable face mask and tie it securely before putting it under your bed. This will make it easier to clean and maintain.

Using face masks to hold the peppercorns under the bed is a clever way to freshen up the space and keep insects at bay. Image: sohu

The benefits of placing a bag of peppercorns under your bed:

Odor Neutralizer

If you use the space under your bed for storing shoes or clothes, it’s a good idea to keep a bag of peppercorns nearby. Peppercorns are great at absorbing odors and leaving the space smelling fresh and clean. Just make sure to use whole peppercorns and not ground pepper.

It’s important to regularly check and replace the peppercorns as they may lose their effectiveness over time.

Pest Repellent

Peppercorns have antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, and they can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Additionally, black peppercorns are effective against house flies and prevent them from laying eggs. By placing peppercorns under your bed, you can create a barrier that keeps mosquitoes and flies at bay.

For a quick and effective fly repellent, mix black pepper with sugar and egg yolk, and place it on a small plate in areas where flies are a problem.

Other uses for peppercorns:

Shoe Deodorizer

During the hot summer months, our feet tend to sweat more, especially if we wear shoes regularly. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and leads to unpleasant odors. Placing a bag of peppercorns in your shoes can help mask the smell with its strong, spicy fragrance.

Bathroom Deodorizer

In the summer, bathrooms can become a haven for mosquitoes and cockroaches, resulting in unpleasant odors. Placing a bag of peppercorns in the bathroom can help disperse a pleasant fragrance and keep the space smelling fresh.

White vinegar and peppercorns can be used to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator. Image: sina

Refrigerator Deodorizer

Refrigerators can develop unpleasant odors over time due to the storage of various fresh produce and fruits. A simple solution is to make a bowl of white vinegar and peppercorns. Simply place whole peppercorns in a bowl, cover them with white vinegar, and seal the bowl with plastic wrap. Poke a few small holes in the plastic wrap and place the bowl in the refrigerator. Replace the bowl once the fragrance of the peppercorns has faded.

Trang Vy (According to sohu, sina)

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