As the temperature drops, it’s important to keep your bed warm and cozy for a good night’s sleep. Here are some simple tips to make your bed warmer and help you get through the cold winter nights with deep, comfortable sleep.

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Warm up your bed with a hairdryer

A hairdryer is a familiar tool, used by most households. Apart from drying hair, it has many other uses. About ten minutes before going to bed, use the hairdryer on a warm or hot setting and blow it into the bed, which has already been made. Continuously change the position of the hairdryer from the head of the bed to the middle and end so that the heat is evenly distributed. When there is enough warmth, put the bed down to keep it warm and then get into bed and enjoy your sleep.

Use hot water bottles or heating pads to warm up the bed

To make your bed and sleeping environment warmer, prepare some hot water bottles or heating pads. A few minutes before going to bed, place the bottles or pads inside the bed and let them warm up the space. The temperature under the covers will gradually rise, ensuring a cozy sleep throughout the night.

Check the windows

If your bedroom window is left open or there are any gaps that allow cold air to enter the room, your sleep will be affected. Therefore, before going to bed, carefully check all the windows and make sure they are securely closed.

Illustration by Pikist

Choose warm bedding materials

During winter, when temperatures drop, switch to thicker and warmer bedding materials. Opt for materials like cotton, flannel, wool, down, or feather for your sheets and blankets to ensure your bed is always cozy and warm.

You can also use an electric blanket to further enhance the warmth of your bed. However, be sure to choose a safe and high-quality product to prevent any accidents.

Use a space heater

A simple way to warm up your bedroom during winter is to use a space heater. However, be mindful to choose a safe heater suitable for your bedroom space, and place it at a safe distance from the bed.

Avoid placing the heater near the bathroom door in the bedroom to prevent any accidents when getting up during the night. Ensure that the heater has a timer or automatic shut-off feature, as it doesn’t need to run all night.

Wear socks and a woolen hat to bed

Many people find that wearing socks and a woolen hat to bed helps keep their body warm. This ensures that your body stays cozy, your head doesn’t get cold, and you can enjoy a deeper and more comfortable sleep.

Move your bed away from the window

If your bed is placed directly under the window, consider moving it to a warmer spot for the winter. Even if your windows are sealed, cold air can still seep into the bedroom. Therefore, staying away from the window is the best way to ensure a warm and comfortable night’s sleep.

Lay a thick rug underneath

Placing a thick rug underneath your mattress will help raise the temperature of your bed. Of course, you won’t feel the cold floor underneath your bed anymore. Additionally, put a rug on the floor next to your bed. This way, when you get out of bed in the morning, your feet will be greeted by a warm and cozy rug instead of a cold, hard floor.


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