This is an item that people say is trivial but I still leave it in the kitchen

Not a versatile modern piece, what was kept would surprise many people, but in retrospect, it's true.


Below is an article by Laura Wheatman Hill (living in Portland, Oregon, USA) – a freelance writer specializing in writing about issues related to women and daily life shared on Apartmenttherapy about the item. the only thing she’s sure to keep even if she has to throw away a bunch of other things in the house and the reason for this:

Although I love the kitchen, I don’t have a big kitchen because most of the space in the house is divided into 4 bedrooms. My family’s kitchen has a small cupboard on one side and counters that form a U shape. To the right is a tiny coat closet – right at the bottom of the stairs so the whole family can store their clothes here later. when coming from outside.

Although the entire kitchen area is only about 30m2, I still make room for an item that in the eyes of everyone seems to be a trivial thing – but to me, it is very necessary. Those are plastic laundry baskets. I put these baskets in an empty spot at the bottom of the coat closet.

If people think that the arrangement of utensils and items in the kitchen will cause clutter, then I will share the specific reason right in this article.

Đây là món đồ mọi người bảo vặt vãnh nhưng tôi vẫn để lại trong nhà bếp - Ảnh 1.

The kitchen area is quite small, only about 30m2. (Photo: Laura Wheatman)

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic changed many of us; including how I selectively store (or dispose of) household items.

Covid-19 appeared forcing us to use masks every day. Used masks scattered from backpacks to bags were collected and placed at the bottom of the stairs before being washed. Not to mention the times when the dog in my house discovered these masks and dragged them around, biting and playing until they were crushed. I’m sick of the mess of masks. So, I came up with a way to put plastic baskets at the bottom of the closet, and then put masks and rags and a bunch of things that need to be washed after use.

Along with that, when my son goes to school or comes back home from school, he often has the habit of taking off his socks and throwing them in this wardrobe. To prevent dirty clothes from getting mixed up with clean clothes, I put the basket in there to hold my son’s socks (based on his habits) so there’s no need to repeat them over and over. or day after day to pick up socks and wash them.

When the baskets are full or we run out of masks and dish towels, I will take them all to wash in hot water. With this cleaning cycle, you can rest assured that all dirt has been removed as well as viruses and bacteria found in clothes, towels, masks, socks, etc.

Đây là món đồ mọi người bảo vặt vãnh nhưng tôi vẫn để lại trong nhà bếp - Ảnh 2.

An empty corner at the foot of the cabinet is used to store baskets like this. (Photo: Laura Wheatman)

Creating more space for this item has made my house so much cleaner. And finding something sensible in the “dead space” of my closet makes me feel like I’m making the most of the space, making up for the imperfect design of this cabinet.

All of a sudden, I learned that my neighbor keeps a tray in the kitchen just like I do – where she is mostly filled with clothes that her kids always mess around with after every meal.

Each person, each family will have for themselves a necessary item to store all other sundries in the house. But for me, these storage baskets are really useful. How about you?

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