Tips for choosing delicious and long-lasting dried shrimp and fish

My name is Huynh Thu, I am 31 years old and based in Ca Mau. I specialize in selling various types of dried fish, shrimp, squid, etc. I would like to share my secrets on how to choose high-quality products and preserve their deliciousness over time.


With years of experience in the dried food business, Ms. Huynh Thu shares some tips for selecting and preserving dried ingredients.

Tips for selecting and preserving dried shrimp, fish ... - Photo 1.

Ms. Huynh Thu sun-drying shrimp.

Huynh Thu

For dried shrimp

– Selection: Choose sun-dried shrimp. The shrimp should be orange or light red from the inside out. The shrimp shell must still be intact during drying to maintain its sweetness and prevent flies and dust from affecting the inner flesh.

Hold the shrimp in your hand and make sure it is not damp and does not stick to your hand. If it sticks, it means the shrimp is still moist and if left for a long time, it will easily become spoiled.

When choosing dried shrimp, try tearing one apart. The shrimp should be brittle and dry. The shrimp should have a distinct aroma, not fishy or gamey, and have a sweet and fresh taste.

If it is dried shrimp, choose the hard type as the soft type is prone to spoilage.

Tips for selecting and preserving dried shrimp, fish ... - Photo 2.

Dried shrimp should be dry and brittle like this.

Huynh Thu

– Preservation:

Method 1: Vacuum seal and store in the freezer or at room temperature.

Method 2: Wrap the dried shrimp in newspaper or cement slabs and put them in a plastic bag, then freeze.

Method 3: Put it in a glass container, airtight plastic container with moisture absorber to keep it cool.

Method 4: Divide into small portions, store in both the refrigerator and freezer.

If stored in the refrigerator, it is best to use within 2-4 weeks. If stored for a long time with an overloaded refrigerator, temperature changes can cause quick spoilage. If buying in large quantities, divide into 2 portions, store one in the freezer and one in the refrigerator.

Tips for selecting and preserving dried shrimp, fish ... - Photo 3.

Cement slabs are good at absorbing moisture.

Huynh Thu

For dried squid

– Selection: Choose ones that are transparent, thick, and have little powder. They should taste sweet and fragrant when eaten.

– Preservation:

Method 1: Alternate layers of squid and paper, pack in a cardboard box, then wrap in a plastic bag and freeze.

Method 2: Vacuum seal to avoid odor and save space, then freeze.

Tips for selecting and preserving dried shrimp, fish ... - Photo 4.

Dried squid can vary in size, but it must have a thick and firm body.

Huynh Thu

For dried fish

– Selection: For young snakehead fish, choose ones with white flesh. White flesh indicates fresh fish properly sun-dried. Insufficient drying will cause discoloration of the flesh.

Tips for selecting and preserving dried shrimp, fish ... - Photo 5.

After frying the snakehead fish, the flesh will be firm and free of muddy smell.

Huynh Thu

Snakehead fish is a bit difficult to choose. Choose those that are dry, firm to the touch, and have a mild taste. It is advisable to buy from reputable sources that guarantee the absence of salt. The good type, when cooked, will not have a muddy smell and will have firm flesh.

– Preservation:

Same as dried squid.

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