Tips for cleaning grapes with toothpaste

The white dust layer like fog on the surface of grapes is not easy to clean; a grape cleaning hack using toothpaste will help you have shiny, completely clean grapes.


Grape is a nutrient-rich fruit that has anti-aging effects, so it is often present on the dining table of many families; However, the cleaning process makes many people hesitate.

The skin of grapes is thin and easily scratched during cleaning, the fruit can also fall off and be crushed. The tip of cleaning grapes with toothpaste will help you have clean grapes but still intact, shiny, ensuring both aesthetics and hygiene.

Tips Cleaning grapes with toothpaste


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Cleaning grapes with toothpaste helps clean grapes without leaving a smell. (Photo: Free Times)

The grape skin is very thin and difficult to clean with ordinary water, toothpaste containing small “sand” particles that create friction will help them clean better. You can rest assured that grapes will not have the smell of toothpaste after washing.

How to do it: Put grapes in a sink, add a clean water covering the grape bunch. You squeeze a little toothpaste into your hand, rub your hands together and then gently rub it on the grapes with moderate force (note not to squeeze). Then you scoop out the grapes and put them into the sieve, place them under running water. After cleaning with water, the grapes will become shiny, transparent like crystal.

How to choose fresh grapes

To choose the best grapes, you must pay attention to the stalk, shape, and color of the grapes. If there is a layer of powder on the outside of the skin, it is a newly cut grape cluster.

Choose juicy or sparsely clustered grapes, with uniformly sized and moderately sized clusters, not too large, slightly soft and smooth, shiny, not bruised. Don’t buy soft and pliable bunches or ones with spots on the skin. This may be grapes with insects or soaked in chemicals.

Pay attention to the grape stalk; choose bunches with fresh and unshriveled stalks because this is freshly picked grapes, the stalk is still green and hard, the fruit is smooth, shiny. Bunches of grapes that have been left for a long time will have withered stalks, brown or black, sometimes the part in contact with the grape stalk is also black.

Bunches with withered stems but fresh or vice versa may have been soaked in chemicals, do not buy before losing money.

The color of grapes is also a factor to consider. There are many grape varieties with different colors such as green, red, purple … No matter what kind it is, you should choose bunches of grapes with natural color, fresh, shiny skin and bulging, especially still with a layer of powder outside the skin.


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Grapes are fresh and plump with a layer of powder on the outside is freshly cut grapes. (Photo: Thompson 31Fifty Wines)

How to store grapes

When you bring grapes home, you should cut off the spoiled ones and separate them into small branches, then put them in separate bags and store them in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. This way of doing will keep the grapes fresh for longer without ripening too quickly.

Do not clean grapes before storing them because after washing, grapes will spoil faster.

After removing grapes from the refrigerator, you should eat them within 3 days because from the time you take them out, grapes will start losing water and gradually wither. On the other hand, if left outside for too long, grapes will no longer be fresh.

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