Tips for Getting Rid of Bad Smells in Cars During Rainy Weather

Do you struggle with unpleasant odors in your car during the rainy season? Cigarette smoke, forgotten food, and fragrant items may all contribute to the problem. But don't worry – there are several easy strategies to get rid of these bad smells and keep your car smelling fresh.



With many convenient features, the interior space of a car is designed to bring comfort for the driver and passengers. However, during use, smoking, drinking, or dampness in the car can cause unpleasant odors, making it difficult for people to enter the interior. To eliminate these odors, here are some helpful tips:

In the hot season, the car interior is prone to odors
Cleaning the interior
This is the first step you should take when you notice odors in the car interior. Choose a sunny time or areas that are not obstructed to perform these steps, as natural light can help eliminate odors. You can use a car wash, vacuum cleaner, car cleaning solution, or clean it by hand to save money. Alternatively, you can take your car to a car wash or car care center.
However, regardless of the method chosen, start by cleaning up any trash and small items that cause odor, such as leftover food and drinks. Thoroughly clean the car interior, paying attention to areas where odors usually originate from, such as smoking, eating, garbage on the seats, spilled drinks, or external odor sources. In the hot season, some parts of the air conditioning system are prone to odor.

Clean up the trash and small items that cause odor in the car interior
Proceed to vacuum the entire interior, paying special attention to the crevices between the seats and the floor. Use a towel to wipe the dashboard and plastic surfaces. If the car interior is covered with fabric, use a specialized detergent to clean it. When performing these tasks, open the windows to create air circulation. Take out small items such as floor mats, seat covers, or car glasses to clean and dry them under the sun.
After vacuuming, use a specialized upholstery cleaner and a vacuum or blower to remove any residual moisture and water vapor from the car interior components.
Inspect and eliminate odors
If odors persist even after cleaning, inspect the car interior and identify the source. If the smell is coming from the air conditioning system or the vehicle chassis, carefully clean that area and then spray a deodorant solution into the air vents. Start the car, turn on the air conditioning, and set the fan to the highest level to ensure complete air circulation and replacement.

Use a deodorant solution to remove odors in the car interior
If there are still odors in the car interior after cleaning and inspection, you can try some of the following methods:
Use Baking Soda
After cleaning, you can sprinkle a little baking soda on areas where odors persist. Baking soda is a common household powder that helps remove odors and absorb moisture. Leave it for about 3 hours and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the powder. Finally, wipe the area clean with a towel.
Use coffee
Coffee aroma can effectively reduce odors in the car interior. Take advantage of coffee grounds by wrapping them in a small tray and placing it under the front or rear floor of the car. Leave it for a few days and remove it afterward. Be careful not to spill coffee grounds on the floor to avoid staining. The caffeine in coffee helps “absorb” stubborn odors and creates a pleasant aroma in the car interior.

Use coffee grounds to “absorb” odors in the car interior
Use orange peel
To add a pleasant scent in the car, you can use a whole orange or peel its rind and place it in a corner of the car interior. This simple but effective method is commonly used by many drivers to remove odors from their cars.
In addition to these traditional methods, you can also use air fresheners, mini air purifiers, or car aroma diffusers specifically designed to eliminate odors in the car interior.


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