Tips for Keeping Cakes, Jams, and Dry Sweets Free from Ants During Tet Holiday

The approaching Tet holiday is a time of delicious candy and cake, with treats found everywhere. But it's also the perfect time for ants to try and find their way into your snack boxes. To make sure you enjoy your treats, here are some tips to preserve your candy and cakes from ant invasions during Tet!


Ants have a particular fondness for various types of fruitcakes and sweets, making them their favorite food.

These diligent insects actively search for food sources that contain sugar in order to bring back to their colony and provide for their queen ant. The queen ant requires a substantial amount of sugar to support her reproduction.

2. Methods for storing candy, cakes, and preserves to prevent ant infestation

It is inevitable that ants will try to invade candy and sweets during the Tet holiday, which can be quite bothersome. Therefore, here are some effective ways to store candy, cakes, and preserves, preventing ants from infiltrating:

Use bags or containers for storage

This is the most common method employed to keep ants away from sweets. It is recommended to use glass or plastic jars, as well as nylon bags, to securely wrap and store candies, cakes, and preserves.

Ways to store candy, cakes, and preserves without ants by storing them in bags or containers

Tips for enhancing the delectable flavor of preserves during storage: When transferring preserves into a jar, sprinkle some sugar on top to preserve the delightful aroma of the preserves.

By implementing this storage method, candies, cakes, and preserves can be shielded from ants, and their freshness and quality can be maintained throughout their usage.

Covering the box of candy and preserves for Tet

Helpful hint: Avoid refrigerating sweet candies, as this can spoil the preserves and cause them to become watery when removed from the fridge and subjected to room temperature.

Store in a dry environment

In addition to protecting confectioneries from ants, it is advisable to pay attention to the storage environment for cakes, preserves, and candies during Tet. For instance:

The jars, cakes, and candies displayed on the table for Tet guests should:

  • Be tightly sealed after use.
  • Be consumed in moderate quantities, avoiding the temptation to devour them all at once. This prevents exposure to air and direct sunlight, which can deteriorate the quality of the cakes and preserves.
  • Have separate small packages for each type of cake, candy, or preserve for convenient storage and to deter ants.
  • Have the table area cleaned after entertaining Tet guests and serving candies and sweets.

Storing cakes and preserves in a dry place

Unused jars, cakes, and candies should:

  • Be stored in a cool, dry place, away from high temperatures such as in the kitchen.
  • Ensure that the storage area is not contaminated by other food items.

The unused jars, cakes, and candies need to be placed in a dry place

Utilize spices

Spices such as cinnamon and cloves can be employed to effectively repel ants when storing cakes, candies, and preserves during the Tet holiday.

Simply place a stick of cinnamon or cloves in the box or jar that appeals to the ants, and the problem is resolved!

Using spices to prevent ants from getting into candy and preserves

Additionally, these spices can be placed in the cabinet or citrus fruit peels (e.g., lemons, grapefruits) can also serve the purpose.

Using citrus peel to prevent fruitcakes from being infested

Inspect the storage area for cakes and candies

Even if you are confident in storing and preserving cakes, candies, and preserves with meticulousness, it is still recommended to periodically examine the storage area for any signs of ants.

Clean the cake and candy storage area with a lemon water solution

Blend 4 lemons with 2 liters of water using a blender, then utilize the mixture to clean the area where the cakes and candies are stored. Alternatively, strain the mixture with a sieve and pour the water into a spray bottle. Ants dislike the acidic nature of lemon peels.

Check the cake and candy storage area

Moreover, consider placing pots of plants with ant-repelling properties such as mint, lavender, lemongrass, and thyme, as this can be quite effective.

3. Methods for preserving the delectable flavor of cakes, candies, and preserves during Tet

Typically, families purchase and store cakes and candies for the upcoming Tet holiday. One common concern is that these delicacies often become stale or watery. So, how can the deliciousness be maintained over an extended period during Tet?

Ways to keep cakes and candies delicious during Tet

For homemade cakes and candies, it is crucial to allow them to cool completely before packaging. Maintaining the cakes and candies in a warm state not only renders them moist and watery but also diminishes the intended flavor.

Ways to keep cakes and candies delicious during Tet

Regarding store-bought cakes, simply store them in a cool, dry place, and they will remain fresh for consumption during Tet.

Ways to preserve the delightful flavor of preserves during Tet

One of the most popular types of preserves during Tet is ginger and coconut preserves. Like cakes, there are various factors that can lead to watery coconut and ginger preserves with a compromised texture over time. However, there is no need to fret, as the following tips will help preserve the tantalizing taste of your preserves during Tet:

Ways to keep preserves delicious during Tet

  • After simmering coconut preserves, it is crucial to spread them out on a tray and let them cool completely before storing. While this step may be simple, rushing to store the preserves before they cool can lead to watery coconut preserves and a loss of flavor.
  • Store coconut preserves in plastic bags or jars, only removing the necessary amount to minimize exposure to air.
  • Avoid exposing the preserves to direct sunlight, as the heat can cause the sugar to melt and produce harmful substances that are detrimental to health.

Similarly, attention should be given to the storage and usage of other varieties of preserves to maintain their mouthwatering appeal over time. One technique for preserving preserves’ flavor is refrigeration.

During Tet, it is common for candies and preserves to be infested by ants. Hence, it is worth considering these methods to prevent the annoyance caused by these tiny pests!

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