Tips for making fluffy and fragrant rice without causing weight gain

Cooking rice is simple, but if you want to make delicious rice, of course, you need some secret tips and tricks!


When it comes to cooking, we all agree that cooking rice is the simplest. Just rinse the rice, add water, and press the cook button.

However, if you have ever dined at Japanese restaurants and found their rice dishes to be very delicious, soft, fragrant, and flavorful compared to the rice you cook at home, then the secret lies in the following three ingredients.

1. Honey

The main formula is 1 cup of rice equivalent to 1 teaspoon of honey. Cooking rice with this ratio will make the rice whiter, sweeter and more delicious, especially the grains will be shiny and very attractive.

Honey contains many enzymes that can break down starch and convert it into sugar, increasing the sweetness of white rice. Many sushi restaurants use this trick to cook rice.

2. Olive oil

Cooking rice with a little olive oil will make the grains soft and not stick to the pot. After rinsing the rice, add about 3-4 drops of olive oil to the pot and cook as normal. If you forget, you can add it after the rice is cooked, then fluff the rice.

Rice contains a lot of starch, which is divided into digestible starch and resistant starch. For resistant starch, it is not easily broken down in the small intestine. When cooking rice, adding a few drops of cooking oil will prevent the body from absorbing the resistant starch, making it very good for dieters.

3. Vinegar

Adding a few drops of vinegar when the rice is cooked will make the grains shiny and more fragrant.

Vinegar not only has many health benefits but is also very useful in cooking. Adding a few drops of vinegar when cooking rice will limit the situation where the rice becomes sticky or sour when left at room temperature.

Mixing rice with vinegar not only has a delicious taste but is also very good for the body. Many people do not know that vinegar also has another magical effect on making rice soft and easier to store.

Vinegar slows down the carbohydrate absorption process, preventing blood sugar from rising after eating rice. Therefore, this rice cooking method is especially good for patients with diabetes, middle-aged and elderly people, people with high uric acid, and also for those who intend to lose weight.

The reasonable ratio of rice/vinegar is 1 cup of rice – 1 teaspoon of vinegar.

At tomorrow’s lunch, try cooking rice and adding one of the three ingredients above, and you will be surprised when you fluff the rice! However, pay attention to only add one of the three ingredients!

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