Tips for selecting popular daisy flowers for Tet worship table

Not a golden daisy, nor a white daisy, this is the kind of daisy that many people seek to buy for Tet altar decoration.


Every year, during the Lunar New Year, many families buy various types of chrysanthemums to decorate their homes and arrange on the ancestral altar. Chrysanthemums are a popular and affordable type of flowers. Furthermore, they are also symbolic of longevity, luck, and prosperity, especially the yellow chrysanthemums which are highly favored during the Tet holiday.

However, in recent years, many smart women have been seeking to buy chrysanthemums with a more traditional, vintage, and nostalgic vibe, namely the Royal Single Chrysanthemums. This type of flower is not only elegant and beautiful, but it also brings a solemn, warm atmosphere to the ancestral altar.

The Royal Single Chrysanthemums have large, curving petals that face each other, with outer petals in a golden yellow color and inner petals in a deep red, creating a nostalgic and peaceful ambiance. Many people buy this type of flower for Tet and also enjoy displaying it on the ancestral altar because the color of the flowers is very soothing, creating a warm and solemn atmosphere in the worship space.

The unique color of the Royal Single Chrysanthemums is reminiscent of an oil painting, making it all the more appealing to those who love decorating the ancestral altar during festive occasions. The chrysanthemums have a deep color tone, and the leaves are also thick and dark green, creating a harmonious balance for the flowers. Therefore, when arranging the flowers, you should make use of the leaves as well.

Some tips when buying Royal Single Chrysanthemums

– Choose bunches of flowers that are fresh, firm, with intact roots and not soaked in water for too long. It is advisable to choose flowers that are carefully wrapped in mesh. However, it is also necessary to observe the blooming state of the flowers before purchasing, as the mesh is used to maintain the shape of the flowers, including when the flowers are fully bloomed. If the flowers are already blooming, it will be difficult to detect with the mesh covering.

When buying flowers, choose large and evenly sized blooms with closely packed petals.

– All types of chrysanthemums have multiple layers of petals. When buying Royal Single Chrysanthemums, choose flowers with tightly arranged layers of petals, without fully blooming, twisting, or wilting petals.

– Avoid choosing flowers where the stamens are fully visible, as these flowers have been blooming for a long time and will wither quickly after being cut. Therefore, it is advisable to choose flowers with partially closed buds, as they will continue to bloom beautifully when brought home and kept warm. Select chrysanthemums with fresh, dense foliage, dark green and healthy looking, without signs of disease, and those with buds and shoots are even better. Choose branches that are evenly spaced for easy arrangement.

How to arrange Royal Single Chrysanthemums on the ancestral altar

Unlike arranging flowers for the living room or other areas when decorating the home, when arranging Royal Single Chrysanthemums on the ancestral altar, you need to pay attention to the following points:

– The Royal Single Chrysanthemums come in various colors, so it is advisable not to choose overly flashy or overly complex vases. Instead, opt for simple, normal vases, preferably using tall antique vases that come with the ancestral altar.

Choose plump, evenly sized flowers that are not fully bloomed.

– Avoid using rounded, low vases, or using foam to create a flower arrangement, as this will take up space on the ancestral altar. Even when applying the pyramid (triangle) or unbalanced (asymmetrical) rules, it is still best to limit the flowers from spreading too much to create a clean, neat appearance on the ancestral altar. However, when arranging chrysanthemum flowers for decoration inside the house or in positions such as against the wall or in the corner, you can freely create a spreading effect using branch supports or asymmetrical arrangements.

– When you bring the flowers home, remove all leaves from the stem and cut the stem at an angle, then place the flowers in water submerged about 7 to 10 cm to maintain their freshness. When arranging Royal Single Chrysanthemums, it is advisable to trim the stem and change the water every few days to help the flowers last longer, up to two weeks. Arranging these chrysanthemums on the ancestral altar does not require much care.

The height of the flowers and the ancestral altar can vary. Additionally, choosing the right vase is crucial. Photo: Loan Tran.

Source: Phụ nữ mới

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