Tips to help clothes dry quickly, get rid of the smell of wet days

Wet weather makes clothes take a long time to dry and always smell bad. Here are some tips for you to refer to help reduce anxiety.


1. Spread clothes when drying

Winter clothes are mostly thick sweaters, jackets have many pockets, hats, so it is more difficult to dry in humid weather. What you need to do when drying is to spread the clothes out as much as possible, helping the hat pocket to breathe.

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The drying of clothes should have a distance, should not be too close to each other, it will create an unpleasant smell. The length of clothes can be staggered to create a gap, help the wind circulate better, increase the drying effect.

2. Hang clothes in a place with good air circulation

Many people have a habit of drying clothes at the window to avoid moisture, but in fact, it makes it more difficult for indoor and outdoor air circulation, leading to mold in clothes. The best place to dry clothes is outdoors.

In addition to the disinfecting effect, sunlight and wind can also absorb moisture, help clothes breathe, and remove unpleasant odors. If you have to hang it indoors, don't hang it too much, obstructing air circulation.

3. Absorb water with a towel

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Before drying clothes, you can put them in a large dry towel, press firmly with your hands to absorb moisture, clothes will dry faster.

4. Plastic bags and hair dryers

This method is similar to the method of using a tumble dryer. After wringing out the items, put them all in a large plastic bag, cover the mouth of the bag, and open a few small holes to help steam escape. Then use the dryer at a high temperature to dry, which will help the clothes dry faster.

However, when using this method, you need to pay attention to choosing a good plastic bag material to avoid plastic melting. The material of the garment must also be suitable or it will damage the fabric.

5. Use dehumidifiers, blowers

A dehumidifier not only works to dehumidify the air environment, but also a device to help clothes dry faster. Leave the clothes in an enclosed space, turn on the dehumidifier, you will see the effect.

You can also use a blower or fan directly on the clothes in front of the window to help the steam escape.

6. Use the air conditioner to dry clothes

In addition, air conditioning is also a good way to help clothes dry quickly. Choose a closed room, the smaller the better, hang your clothes up. Turn on the air conditioner overnight, the next morning, the clothes will be dry and curled and there will be no smell.

Thanh Anh (According to aboluowang)