Troubleshooting No Sound Issues on TVs

Before taking your TV to a repair shop, it's important to consider other causes of a lack of sound. There are a few common problems that can cause sound issues, so it's best to rule out those issues before committing to repair. Here are some potential causes and solutions to a soundless TV.


Main Causes of TV Sound Distortion

Cause 1: Incorrect TV Region Setting

If the sound on your TV is distorted while watching cable TV, it may be due to the TV being set to the wrong region.

How to Fix it: Contact your cable TV service provider to determine the correct language system for your region and select it. Reset the TV to its factory settings to reconfigure the region settings.

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Choose language system and region for TV

Choose language system and region for TV

Cause 2: Poor TV Signal

Case of Using Free Satellite Dish

Many households still use free satellite dish receivers like Vinasat to receive TV signals, but this form of signal reception often results in unstable signal and poor sound quality.

How to Fix it: Switch to a paid cable TV service for better signal quality, stable sound, and to avoid sound distortion.

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Case of Using Cable TV/Digital Set-Top Box

If you’re using a cable TV or digital set-top box and experiencing distorted sound, it may be due to poor signal quality on a specific channel.

How to Fix it: Manually tune each channel to eliminate distortion on specific channels. Tune all channels if distortion occurs on all channels.

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Manual channel tuning mode

Manual channel tuning mode

Automatic channel tuning mode

Automatic channel tuning mode

If the sound distortion issue persists after tuning the TV signal, contact your cable TV service provider for inspection and repairs. If you have AVG TV, check the software version of the set-top box and contact AVG for assistance.

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Set-top box information display and 'i' support button on remote

Set-top box information display and ‘i’ support button on remote

Cause 3: Poor Quality Video from USB, DVD Player, or Youtube

Poor video quality from USB, DVD player, or Youtube can also cause sound distortion on your TV.

How to Fix it: Replace the video with a higher-quality source. Check the connections and cables to ensure they are secure and correctly connected. For Youtube videos, select the highest video quality for better image and sound.

Connect USB to TV to test video quality

Connect USB to TV to test video quality

If none of the above causes resolve the sound distortion issue, it may indicate a technical problem with your TV. Contact the warranty center for further assistance.

>>> See Information on Warranty Policies and Hotline Support for Popular TV Brands

TV Brand

Warranty Period

Support Website

Toll-Free Hotline


24 months

1800 588 890


24 months

1800 588 885


24 months

1800 1503


18 months

1800 1529


12 months

1800 1599


12 months

1800 1593


24 months

1800 588 880

Reference table of warranty policies and hotline support for popular TV brands

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