Unexpected benefits of doing housework

Few people expect that doing housework not only helps keep your living space neat and orderly, but also brings you huge health benefits.


1. Help you stay healthy

When doing housework, your body has to move a lot, from scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning the floor to cleaning the windows, these jobs all require flexibility and strength. A little cardio and squats while cleaning the room or the nooks and crannies in the kitchen will help you become supple, toned and even lose excess fat.

In addition, regularly using a vacuum cleaner, washing blankets, cleaning the sink, cleaning the refrigerator … will help you minimize the possibility of allergies very effectively. You will no longer have to worry about sneezing, headaches every time you wake up.

2. Healthy living environment

No one wants to have cockroaches in their house, dusty shelves or moldy bathrooms. A poor quality living environment will adversely affect your physical and mental health. If you are in a messy room, your mind can easily fall into a chaotic, disorganized state. It's also hard to concentrate when the clothes are still on the floor and the desk is full of crumbs. Regularly wash clothes, bed sheets, curtains; Cleaning the floor and opening the door for sunlight to enter the room will help air circulation, cool, reduce odors and limit respiratory diseases.


3. Relieve stress

In fact, many people find it relaxing to do housework. This helps you reduce anxiety, relieve stress in situations where you have to face complex problems, troubles, and also gives you time to listen to yourself, to sort things out. . A clean, orderly home will make you feel happier and more comfortable.

4. Become independent

If you are living with your parents, doing housework helps you live responsibly and less dependent on the family. There will come a time when you have to move out, no one will cook for you every day anymore, along with other responsibilities such as washing dishes, cleaning the shelves, doing laundry… Building a routine of daily housework will help. help you live and work more organized and independent.

5. Make the most of your time

Instead of lying on the ceiling and complaining that life is boring, why do you sit up and start cleaning and redecorating your house? There is always a lot to do with a living space, making it more interesting and beautiful such as planting more trees, redecorating windows, rearranging furniture…


6. Improve problem solving skills

Housework is not difficult, but because there are so many things to clean, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom, many people always feel complicated and do not know where to start. As a result, you will have to find a way to clean more efficiently, flexibly, and with a plan. Occasionally, problems will happen that you don't anticipate such as: broken washing machine, broken furniture, broken light bulb… Solving this mess helps you to strengthen your problem-solving skills and become multi-faceted. more responsibility.

7. Save money

By hand taking care of your beloved home every day without having to hire a maid, you have saved a considerable amount of money in the family. In addition, you also do not need to spend time and money to go to the sports center or buy exercise machines at home, the housework will make all the muscles of your body move flexibly, all give you a supple health and healthy body.

8. Memory Boost

Housework is a combination of a series of chores from inside the house, in the kitchen, in the yard… and you need to arrange each one to solve it slowly, your brain is also regularly trained, Memory is enhanced. You will easily see what is important to solve first, thereby improving your ability to work more focused, efficient and scientific.


9. Effective weight loss

Physical activity from housework will give you flexibility and toned muscles, and help lose weight effectively. Daily tasks such as sweeping the house, taking out the trash, changing bed sheets… can help you consume 205kcals/hour. This means that the amount of excess fat in your body will also be completely burned, and the weight will also decrease significantly. With this great benefit, you have more motivation to do housework.

A little advice for you is that being active while doing housework will help you lose weight more effectively. For example: Take advantage when heating food in the microwave or waiting for the water to boil, you can sit down to clean the floor or take small steps in place. Regularly go up and down the stairs at home: Downstairs you have just finished washing dishes, then go upstairs to put all your clothes in the washing machine and then come back down to clean the house… those actions will help 3 slimmer circles, heart and corn stronger legs.

According to VOV