“Why Many Women Suddenly Complain About Air Fryers Consuming Too Much Electricity – What’s the Truth?”

It turns out the story has many twists and turns, far from being simple.


Recently, on a Facebook group for users of air fryers in Vietnam, there has been a debate about whether these devices consume a lot of electricity. The story originated from a user who posted a picture of an electricity bill with a total amount of nearly 2 million VND. The girl also firmly claimed that the sudden increase in the electricity bill was caused by the newly purchased air fryer.

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However, looking at the electricity bill, many other women have spoken up to clarify that the reason is not that simple but due to other factors. One member asserts that the high electricity cost is because of renting a room, where the price of some electricity reaches 4,000 dong.

Some believe that the meter reader has an issue, which is why it jumps numbers “like a racehorse”.

There are many women using air fryers who complain that this appliance has even lower power than a rice cooker, so even if they use it a lot, they only have to pay an additional 100,000 – 200,000 VND for electricity every month.

What’s the truth?

When browsing through various household appliance stores, women will immediately notice that air fryers have power ranging from approximately 1300W to 2000W. To put it simply, even when running at maximum power, they only consume around 1.3 to 2 kilowatt-hours per hour.

The unique feature of an air fryer is its ability to cook food very quickly, typically only taking about 10-20 minutes to finish a dish. This means that each cooking session only consumes about 0.2-0.7 units of electricity. If we multiply this by the current electricity price, let’s say 2500 VND per unit, then every dish cooked only costs around 500-2000 VND. Numerous reviews and tests of air fryers from other sources have also yielded similar results.

Nhiều chị em bỗng nhiên "than trời" vì nồi chiên không dầu quá tốn điện, sự thật thế nào? - Ảnh 3.

The essence of an air fryer is its low power consumption, typically around 2000W or less. This means that, no matter how much you use it, it won’t cost you a fortune every month.

Of course, the above results do not take into account the performance losses of various fryers, but generally speaking, even with daily use, it is difficult for women to spend more than 100,000 – 200,000 VND/month on cooking with an air fryer. 

This number is even lower than the electric rice cooker, and certainly much more cost-effective compared to the bulky ovens that often take up to an hour to cook a dish.

The air fryer from the above character can also consume a lot of electricity indeed, but the reason is that this fryer is of poor quality or faulty, causing it to consume more electricity during operation.

Furthermore, it is also possible for the electricity meter to be faulty or tampered with, causing the number to continue running even when nothing is being used. In such cases, it is advisable for homeowners to hire a technician immediately to inspect and rectify the issue to avoid unnecessary expenses.

How to Avoid [Something]?

Nhiều chị em bỗng nhiên "than trời" vì nồi chiên không dầu quá tốn điện, sự thật thế nào? - Ảnh 7.

First and foremost, choose an air fryer from reputable and well-known brands.

To avoid unnecessary issues with an air fryer, ladies, it is best to purchase one from reputable brands. Choose a slightly higher-priced one to enjoy additional useful features and/or better quality and durability. It is crucial to stay away from products with unclear origins and no clear warranty policy, as they are not worth the risk, no matter how cheap they are.

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