Why you should never put your feet on the car dashboard, even when stopped

Resting your feet on the car dashboard is a dangerous habit that can have extremely devastating consequences. It is absolutely imperative that you refrain from engaging in this behavior.


When sitting in the front passenger seat of a car, many people often rest their feet on the dashboard to avoid getting tired, without knowing that this can lead to terrible consequences.

Why should you not put your feet on the dashboard? There are two things you need to know:

First, the dashboard is where the airbag is installed. Second, the airbag deployment speed is very fast, around 160-320 km/h.

So, if you put your feet on the dashboard, in case of a sudden and strong collision, you will not have enough time to pull your feet down because the airbag deploys very quickly. At that time, the airbag will make your knees fold, and your feet will hit your face with a strong force, causing injuries to your eyes, forehead, nose, etc., which is very dangerous.

There have been documented cases of broken or lost legs when the airbag on the passenger side deployed while the person had their feet on the dashboard.

One such case is of Audra Tatum in Walker County, Georgia, USA. On one occasion, while traveling by car with her husband, Audra rested her feet on the dashboard when the car was running at an average speed within their control. Suddenly, another car crashed into the side of their car, causing the airbag to deploy immediately and forcefully bending Audra’s legs backward. Her thigh bone, shinbone, nose, and shoulder were also seriously injured.

Audra Tatum broke her leg by putting her feet on the dashboard.

After receiving emergency treatment, doctors said that if Audra Tatum had been sitting normally with her feet on the floor of the car, she would have been fine when the airbag deployed. However, because she put her feet on the dashboard, she had to endure prolonged pain for 2 years.

Another case is of Grainne Kealy in Ireland, who had her feet on the dashboard of her boyfriend’s Jeep when an accident occurred due to icy road conditions. Her knee hit her face at a speed of nearly 200 km/h. The result was that she had to have her forehead removed and underwent multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face. Many years later, she only qualified for a prosthetic forehead. However, the nerve damage cannot be healed.

Grainne Kealy even had to have her forehead removed by putting her feet on the dashboard.

In addition to the habit of putting feet on the dashboard, many people make the mistake of placing or installing various objects in this position, such as statues, perfumes, or other decorations… without securing them firmly. In the event of an accident or an emergency braking situation, these objects will be thrown and concentrated onto the person sitting behind, causing injuries. Furthermore, some car owners also have the habit of sticking different types of tape or stickers on this position, which can hinder the operation of the airbag.

It is not advisable to use a rear-facing child seat if the car is equipped with airbags for the front passengers. When the airbag deploys, it exerts a strong force, pushing the child into the back of the front passenger seat, causing serious injuries or even suffocation. If you must place the child’s seat in the front passenger seat, you should firmly secure the seat with a safety strap and move the seat as far away from the dashboard as possible, and then turn off the airbag function for the front seats.

Sitting too close to the airbag, placing hands or feet on the airbag’s position, are all actions that pose potential dangers. As mentioned, the airbag deploys at a very fast and strong speed, so sitting too close to the airbag can easily cause severe injuries when the airbag deploys. It is best for the driver to always hold onto the outer rim of the steering wheel and not place their hands on the airbag’s position, while passengers in the front seat should always keep their two feet on the floor. Adjusting the passenger seat to be as far away from the airbag as possible is also recommended, and always sit upright and fasten the seatbelt.

Vehicle safety experts warn that even when the car is parked, you should not rest your feet on this position. Because you cannot be sure that nothing will happen while your car is parked.

If unfortunately, your car is hit by another vehicle, causing the airbag to deploy, your feet and face will still face the same dangers.

Furthermore, even with cars that are not equipped with airbags in the front passenger seat, putting your feet on the dashboard is still dangerous, as it can cause serious injuries in the event of an accident.

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