Why You Should Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them?

While many people are eager to wear their new clothes right away, they still wait to wash and dry them before putting them on. Is this necessary and why?


While many people never dare to wear new clothes before washing them, many others have the habit of wearing new clothes. According to experts, this is not a very health-friendly habit.

Why should you wash new clothes before wearing them?

If you don’t wash your new clothes before wearing them, you may experience the following conditions:

Skin irritation

Finished clothes usually contain two main components which are azo-aniline dye and wrinkle-resistant chemicals.

These substances, when in contact with the skin, can cause irritation with symptoms such as itching, redness, and flaky skin. For those with a history of skin diseases, this can be quite dangerous, not just an allergic reaction. They may suffer from other consequences such as respiratory, liver, kidney problems… if not treated in time.

That is why new clothes should be washed before wearing, especially for those who have allergies.

Contracting infectious diseases

Clothes on display in stores often become contaminated with a lot of dirt and bacteria from the surrounding environment. Not to mention many people have touched and tried them on. Therefore, the likelihood that the clothes you buy contain disease-causing viruses, fungi, and bacteria is very high. They can cling to the skin and enter the body through the digestive and respiratory systems. Many people have contracted scabies from wearing new clothes right away.

If you don’t want to get sick for no reason, you must wash the new clothes you buy. Especially, underwear and swimsuits need to be thoroughly washed.

Why should you wash new clothes before wearing them?-1
Why should you wash new clothes before wearing them? Because it protects you.

Getting sick from moisture-absorbing packets
Many manufacturers put moisture-absorbing packs into clothes to prevent them from getting moldy during transportation and consumption. These moisture-absorbing packs may contain chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

It can be seen that if new clothes are worn without washing, there are many potential risks, making us susceptible to illness. That is why new clothes should be washed before wearing.

How to wash new clothes to ensure durability and beauty

To make newly purchased clothes durable, you should pay attention to appropriate washing methods for each fabric and style as follows:

Jeans: You need to soak the new jeans in a solution of saltwater or vinegar for 12 hours to remove dirt, then wash them again with laundry detergent and fabric softener to create softness and fragrance. Do not hang them directly in sunlight to limit color fading.

T-shirts, white shirts: Wash them by hand for the first time, do not use laundry detergent to keep the clothes from becoming rough and color fading. You can also soak the shirts with a mixture of lemon or vinegar before washing because acid has a whitening effect.

Woolen clothes and delicate garments: You should turn the clothing inside out before washing to avoid affecting the right side. These fragile fabrics should be put separately in a laundry bag and washed with cold water to prevent the clothes from shrinking and losing shape.

Other notes for washing new clothes

Do not use laundry detergent, instead, use water to wash. This method makes the clothes softer, prevents pilling, and color bleeding.

Soak clothes with vinegar or a little salt before washing to reduce color bleeding.

For clothes with patterns, it is best to limit the use of washing machines and pay close attention to the usage instructions.

Sort the clothes before washing.

Remember to turn the clothes inside out when drying to prevent color fading from sunlight. Especially for clothes with patterns, it is best to fold and hang them to avoid stretching.

According to VTC.vn

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