10 things to do before going home to celebrate Tet

Tet is an occasion to gather together, so many people have chosen to return to their hometown and celebrate the new year with their families. Here are the things to do before going home to celebrate Tet to help you have a perfect trip. Let's find out together!


1 Turn off the power in the house

Before leaving the house, you should check and disconnect all power sources, make sure no electrical equipment is still working. This not only helps you save energy, but also protects your home from potential hazards caused by electrical shocks and fires.

Ngắt hết nguồn điện trong nhà

2 Lock the water source

In order to prevent the devices from leaking water, you should turn off the total water source before leaving the house. To be more sure, you can turn on the faucets in the sink or in the bathroom, if there is no water coming out, you can rest assured that you will be reunited with your family in your hometown.

Khóa nguồn nước

3 Gas cylinder valve lock

During the absence, the conductor may leak due to the bite of the mouse. Gas is a flammable substance, just a small spark can lead to fire and explosion, leaving unpredictable consequences. Therefore, you should check carefully and make sure the gas cylinder valve is locked before going back to your hometown.

Khóa van bình gas

4 Clean the house

Before going home to celebrate Tet, you should clean the house such as arranging things neatly, cleaning spider webs, vacuuming dust so that the house is always clean and fragrant. This will help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold that cause unpleasant odors.

Dọn sạch nhà cửa

For , you should wash it and put it in a closed cabinet for storage. Do not leave dirty dishes (remains of food crumbs) for a long time because it will make the stains stick, difficult to wash and cause many harmful bacteria and molds to appear.

Rửa sạch chén bát cất vào tủ để bảo quản

For sleeping items such as blankets, sheets, blankets, pillows, you should wash them all and store them in a closed cabinet because during your absence, these items may get dirty and damaged. by insect bites.

Giặt sạch mền gối, quần áo

5 Careful care of precious jewelry

The next thing that you need to do before going home to celebrate Tet is to find a way to carefully preserve your jewelry and precious possessions so that you can comfortably enjoy Tet without having to worry.

You should keep them in a discreet and safe place to prevent thieves from entering the house and stealing. If possible, equip additional jewelry containers with multi-layer lock codes for better preservation.

Bảo quản cẩn thận trang sức quý giá

6 Vehicle inspection

If you use your car to go home this Tet, you should check the parts and make the car clean before you leave. In particular, repair or replace damaged parts (if any) to ensure absolute safety during the trip.

Kiểm tra, sửa chữa xe trước khi về quê

In addition, if you leave the car at the inn, drain all the gasoline in the tank to avoid the situation of gasoline leaking out, causing extremely dangerous fire and explosion. If you are not sure about safety, you can choose a reputable address to send your car!

Rút hết toàn bộ xăng trong bình để tránh tình trạng xăng rò rỉ ra ngoài gây cháy nổ

7 Lock windows and doors carefully

Security is an issue that everyone is always afraid of, especially on Tet holidays when they are not at home. Therefore, to ensure safety, in case of unexpected theft, before returning to your hometown, you should check and lock all windows and doors carefully.

In addition to locking the door latches or using the usual types, you can use more smart types with digital or fingerprint password settings to unlock, giving you more peace of mind when not at home.

Khóa cửa sổ, cửa chính cẩn thận

8 Keeping the Keys

If you have two house keys, you should carry one with you and give the key to a trusted relative who lives nearby. Because during your trip, if something goes wrong, they can promptly support your family.

Besides, if you accidentally lose or lose it during Tet in your hometown, when you return, you can also use the remaining key (sent before) without having to rely on it. destroy the lock to enter the house.

Bảo quản chìa khóa

9 Send plants and pets

If you grow ornamental plants or keep pets, then find a safe place to put them so you can rest assured and have a good time going home to celebrate Tet!

  • With plants: You can ask your neighbors or friends and relatives to stay to water and take care of them so they can stay green until you return.
  • With pets: You can go to dog and cat stores, … and send the children there on New Year's Day to be well and safely taken care of by qualified staff.

Gửi gắm cây trồng và thú cưng

High-class pet service in stores

10 Give houses to neighbors

Finally, before going home to celebrate Tet with your family, you can leave your house to your close neighbors. In addition, do not forget to leave them your phone number so that everyone can contact each other when detecting unusual signs.

Gửi gắm nhà cửa cho hàng xóm

With the above 10 things to do, hopefully your trip home for Tet as well as your multi-day trip will become more secure at home!